Avoiding Giving Her Mixed Signals

"Don't confuse her more!"

“Don’t confuse her more!”

Sending mixed signals is probably something that you think women do exclusively, and not men. However, you may be surprised to know that guys can do this just as often and it could be a reason why a woman ultimately decides not to give you her number or go out with you. Sending mixed signals are usually not something that a man or woman does intentionally, but it can be frustrating to all parties involved nonetheless. Knowing what can qualify as a mixed signal and knowing how to avoid it will help you attract women more often and it will also help you recognize it when women do it to you.

Acting Hot and Cold is Never a Good Idea

The main behavior that qualifies as sending mixed signals is when you act hot and cold, or when you react positively to a woman at one point but then react negatively to her at another moment. This is usually something that you don’t do consciously or on purpose, but if you do it enough it can become seriously annoying or distressing to the woman you are talking to. You should try to be positive at all times, and if you disagree with something she says then you should try to express it in the simplest and most neutral way possible. Acting like you’re super into her at first but slowly acting less enthusiastic is another way that sending mixed signals can seriously ruin your chances of getting to hook up with a woman. Try to keep an even attitude over the course of your conversation so she doesn’t wonder if you are interested in her or not.

How to Avoid Giving Mixed Signals

"Let your expressions tell her what you want"

“Let your expressions tell her what you want”

It can be difficult to avoid giving mixed signals when you most likely are not even aware that you are doing it, so you need to think carefully while you are out with women and having conversations. Try to keep an eye on how she reacts to what you say to know if she seems confused by your attitude. You should also try to be positive about almost everything instead of flip flopping and changing your attitudes rapidly during the conversation. As long as you show her that you are interested in her and keep showing her your interest, she should get your message loud and clear and with minimal confusion.

What it Means When You Send Mixed Signals


Since mixed signals are rarely conscious, it might not mean the end of a conversation or relationship if you notice it happening. If a woman shows interest in you at the beginning of a conversation but acts less enthusiastic later, try not to worry. She may not be aware of the signals she’s giving off, so you should always go with your gut instinct when it comes to whether or not she’s into you. Mixed signals are not the end of the world, and if you are bold enough to do so; you might want to ask her what she really thinks, so you can skip the confusion.


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