Best Places to Have Dinner On a First Date

"Take her to a fancy restaurant"

“Take her to a fancy restaurant”

When choosing where to have dinner on a first date, there are a few things to take into consideration. You want to make sure that you and your date have an enjoyable time. You also want to make sure that she is comfortable while she is with you. You can do that easily by making sure she is comfortable with her surroundings while on a date with you.

Stick with Something Casual

When you’re taking a woman on a date for the first time, you will want to stick with something casual. While many men like to impress women by taking them to fancy restaurants, it seems that this isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes you may end up on a date with someone you absolutely despise after meeting them in person. You will regret spending a lot of money on them by taking them someplace fancy and then never seeing them again. Even if you end up liking the person you’re on a date with, when you take her to place that is too upscale, she will expect you to outdo yourself with the next date. When you are dating, you want to go from typical to amazing, not the other way around.

You will also want to make sure that wherever you take her offers a wide selection of food. She may have certain allergies that she hasn’t told you about or certain dietary restrictions that she is uncomfortable with or embarrassed to talk about. Make sure the place the two of you visit has options for vegetarian and/or vegan eating.

Something Familiar

"Going to a familiar place will make you feel more confident"

“Going to a familiar place will make you feel more confident”

Another great place to take a woman while on a first date is someplace that the two of you are both familiar with. When you take her someplace she’s been before, she already knows the menu. She also knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Not only will taking her someplace familiar make it easy on the two of you, it will also make her more comfortable than taking her someplace than she has never been before. If she feels nervous while on her date with you, she will be able to excuse her and go to the restroom without having to add to her anxiety by asking someone on the staff where the restrooms are located.

When the two of you decide on a familiar place to eat, try to pick a place that offers alcoholic drinks. Many times, people like to order drinks to help themselves relax while on dates. Try to choose a place that has a few different varieties of cocktails in case your date prefers those. Do not suggest that she have a drink, as that will make you seem kind of creepy. Instead, glance through the drink menu and mention how some of the drinks sound good. Afterward, offer the menu to her to look over.


Figuring out the best place to have dinner for a first date requires little effort. All you have to do is communicate with your date to decide on the best possible location that will work great for both of you.


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