Finding the Woman Who Just Wants to Hook Up


If you spend a lot of time cruising bars and clubs to meet women, chances are that you are not there to find your future long term girlfriend or future wife. You probably want to meet a woman you can have a one night stand or short term relationship with, and you want to find the women who want the same thing. Trying to hook up with women who want something more serious rarely goes well. However, it can be difficult to find women who seem to want the same thing as you do. If you know the signs of a woman who just wants to hook up, you can save a lot of time when cruising bars and clubs and know exactly who to beeline towards.

She’s Dressed to Impress

"Approach her and give her a nice compliment"

“Approach her and give her a nice compliment”

While this is not always true, it holds some truth to it and is worth looking out for. Women who are more modestly dressed at bars and clubs are probably there just to drink and dance or to find a man they can date. Women who are dressed more sexily – short skirt or dress, high heels, heavy makeup – are probably there looking for a guy they can spend the night with. This isn’t to say that any woman who dresses up in revealing clothing is looking to get laid, but if she has her goods out on display then chances are pretty good that she wants guys to pay attention to her at the very least. While some of the more modestly dressed women may also be looking for hookups, they are much less likely to be open about it, so you should stick to what you know.

She Might Be There With a Friend

"Can you approach the woman in red top?"

“Can you approach the woman in red top?”

Ever had a wingman? The same concept applies to women, who sometimes bring a friend along as their wing woman. You shouldn’t view the friend as too much of an obstacle. She is most likely there to ward off the guys that your target woman doesn’t want to spend the night with. Whether or not her friend is acting as a bodyguard, women who come with a single friend are usually looking for somebody to spend the night with. You should seek out women who seem to have a wing woman with them, though going after the women by themselves at the bar may be just as successful.

She Lets You Buy Her a Drink

If a woman lets you buy her a drink, she’s probably interested in getting to know you and figure out if she wants to hook up with you. Women who refuse drinks probably do not want attention and will be extremely difficult to get to go home with you, if they let you talk to them at all. Offer to pay for whatever drink she wants so that she has the freedom to pick and be comfortable with the process of ordering the drink – don’t buy it for her from across the bar before you introduce yourself.


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