Four Ways to Look More Confident Right Away

Every guy gets first date jitters sometimes. If you’re looking for a way to cover your nerves and give you an edge on the date right from the start, there’s good news for you. There’s actually for really easy ways that will set you down the path of projecting the confidence that women love.

Straighten Your Posture

"The right posture will make you look more attractive"

“The right posture will make you look more attractive”

Bring those shoulders back and suck in your belly and you’ll instantly look much more confident. Try to relax into the pose. Keep your feet just inside shoulder width apart when you stand. You’ll be projecting a solid foundation and making yourself more fit while you do it. The ladies love to see a man who can hold his own, so don’t be afraid to take up space.

No Thrifting

Old clothes and used clothes are a great way to save money when you’re hanging around the house. For dates, though, you should always wear clothes at least purchased in the last year. This ensures that you’ll be at least close to current trends. It also means that these clothes will probably not look overly worn. Crisp, clean clothes without wear marks or holes say that you’re a man who looks after his appearance. This makes you look like a polished kind of guy, and women associate that with money, self-possession, and the other manly characteristics that brings them flocking.

Whiten Your Teeth


This is more of a trick for yourself than it is for her. If you brush regularly and aren’t a chronic coffee or black tea drinker (10+ cups per day level chronic), than your smile is probably in the acceptable range of whiteness anyway. Switching to a whitening toothpaste and purchasing whitening strips on top of that is going to get you a whiter smile, but it’s not like you’re correcting a huge flaw in your appearance. However, when you know that you’ve been whitening your teeth they stick in your mind a lot. They remind you to smile. You know that it’s safe, as you’ve been keeping them pearly white for this very reason. Flashing a big grin makes you look friendly, outgoing, and confident. It also helps put her at ease. Smile a lot, and you’ll soon find her smiling back at you.

Tuck in Your Shirt

"A tucked in shirt looks more elegant"

“A tucked in shirt looks more elegant”

A tee shirt tucked into fitted blue jeans is a classic look that will never go out of style. It’s clean, simple, and it plays on associations of neatness and power. There’s a reason that powerful CEOs never look rumpled or grungy. By taking this same care with your appearance, you’ll be telling the woman you hope to hookup with that you’re a serious man who doesn’t cut corners. Plus, if you’re slim or fit, a tucked in shirt is the perfect way to draw her attention to your waistline.

Start using these four tricks today and you’ll notice a difference right away. You won’t just look more confident; you’ll feel more confident too. Once the ladies start noticing the changes in the new you, you’re going to have a lot more evidence to base your confidence on than a tucked in shirt.


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