Getting a Redo: Convincing Her to Go out Again Even If the Date Flopped

First dates go bad with depressing frequency. If you haven’t already prepared for this, you’re going to lose your chance with a great woman you like. If you don’t think that the bad date was her fault (or a result of incompatibility), then you should still try to get a redo. There’s an art to convincing a woman who just went on one bad date to maybe go on another, and here’s the way that you should do it.

Set Her up for Feeling Bad for You

"Tell her that it was not your fault"

“Tell her that it was not your fault”

Pity isn’t the most noble of reasons to get a second date, but when you’re on thin ice you take what you can get. You can wow her with the second date, but first you have to have a second date. You can slip in lines on the wind down from a bad date that will make her feel bad for you and good about herself. “I haven’t been on a date with a woman as pretty as you for awhile,” is a good example of this. Does it make you look like a knight in shining armor? No. But if you can suffer the indignity you can get your image back later.

Make a Case for a Bad Date Not Being Your Fault

"Propose a second date and make sure nothing goes wrong in that"

“Propose a second date and make sure nothing goes wrong in that”

You don’t want to blame her for having a terrible date, but you also don’t want to let her blame you. If you can pinpoint exactly where things started to go wrong, you can make a case for your innocence. If she arrived to the date in a bad mood, for example, ask her what was bothering her before she arrived. This makes it clear that you could notice her moods, and makes her think that maybe the date was ruined because her day was ruined.

If you had a terrible meal, saw a bad play or movie, or otherwise had some disaster happen tell her that you’re disappointed. The bad things only happen on the nights when you really want to impress her. If you had car trouble, or something went wrong that actually is your fault, claim that there was no way that you could have known it was going to happen. Even if you could have known. You’re already facing the prospect of never going out with her again, so what’s wrong with a lie at this point?

Highlight Any Moment of Happiness

The last step to the triple stages of getting her to give you a redo is to focus on the positive. If there was even one thing that went right on this date, bring it up. Maybe you told her a great story and made her laugh so hard she spilled a drink. Maybe you saw a gorgeous sunset. Whatever good that happened, bring it up here. After all, at least the night wasn’t a total loss. Then just look her in the eye and say that you know tonight wasn’t a great success, but you know that the two of you can do better.

If you’ve played your cards right, you’ll be able to get a one time only redo. Your very own second chance with a girl you’re really interested in.


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