How to Keep Up with a High Maintenance Fling

There’s nothing wrong with having a taste for women who have expensive taste. You like something sophisticated, classy, and exclusive. So does she. You may be having the time of your life, but your bank account may be getting leaner by the day. So what do you do to minimize the costs of hanging on to a high maintenance fling?

Take Her Somewhere Classy and Cheap

"Take her to a fancy restaurant"

“Take her to a fancy restaurant”

If you want to appeal to her classy, cultured side, you can’t go wrong with art gallery openings. These are often free events with drinks you may or may not have to pay for. You can browse art by current artists, taking in style, sophistication, and mixing with an artsy crowd. She gets to dress up if she feels like it, but there’s no need to break out the evening dresses and black ties. This means that she looks great and you can wear ordinary date clothes. It also means that you can take her somewhere fancy and cheap that she can brag about for a few days.

Another great boon to the guy with a picky girlfriend? Museums often have free or reduced price days for residents of their local area. This means that you can take her around, show her everything, and not have to spend a penny of your own cash inside. She’ll feel like you care about culture, and you can save money on these dates so you can afford to get her dinner at that little bistro she loves.

Do a Little Lunchtime Ritual

"Click pictures of food and send it to her"

“Click pictures of food and send it to her”

Maybe she doesn’t just need a lot of money thrown her way. If she’s always after you for more attention and more of your time, there’s one simple trick to help her feel connected to you. Take a picture of your lunch and send it to her. That’s it, that’s all you have to do. It’s amazing how much women love to get pictures of meals sent to them. It tells her that you were thinking of her and it doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part. Plus, it might also be a little bit of an incentive for you to start eating healthier lunches. You don’t want to have to show your fling that you ate a cheeseburger for lunch three days this week, right? Throw together a little bagged lunch and she’ll be impressed by what a chef you are. Two ways to earn points with your lady with one easy action.

Pretend to Be Working to Give Yourself Some Slack

If you ever need some time off from her demands (or you need to recoup your losses after a great but expensive date), just tell her that you have to work late. She’ll be sorry that she can’t see you, but high maintenance women understand the value of money. She’ll be pleased to let you work hard, thinking about you may be getting a promotion and making more cash to give her the kind of stuff that she enjoys. Then you can take that time off to grab a beer with your buddies. Or just relax at home. When you’re having a fling with a high maintenance woman relaxation is hard to come by.


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