How to Manage a No Strings Attached Relationship

"No strings attached relationship works well for them"

“No strings attached relationship works well for them”

Relationships with no strings attached can be great if you want to have a short, casual relationship with a woman with limited to no drama. However, this is oftentimes easier said than done because no strings attached relationships can be some of the most difficult to maintain. If you want to be able to keep things casual and free of drama, you need to carefully maintain your boundaries and know what not to do. Keeping some of these simple ideas and guidelines in mind when you try to establish a no strings attached relationship will go a long way towards keeping it as smooth and casual as possible.

Establish and Maintain Your Boundaries Carefully

The most important aspect of a no strings attached relationship is the boundaries that you establish and maintain. When you find a girl who wants to have a no strings attached relationship, you need to both go over your boundaries firmly. The point of having boundaries is so that things do not cross the line into romantic or serious if you are looking for a casual relationship. You should make sure you both know what you are comfortable with. Don’t exchange phone numbers unless that is how you want to contact each other, and make sure you both agree on it. Communicate what you expect from her and make sure you know what she expects from you so that you do not accidentally cross an unspoken line. Once you have established boundaries, make sure you maintain them. You may be tempted to break them every now and then, but you have to resist this urge as much as you can.

Make Sure You Both Agree on What You Want

"It is important to have some chemistry"

“It is important to have some chemistry”

A no strings attached relationship is bound for failure if the two of you ultimately want something different out of the relationship. If she wants something more romantic than sexual, and you want something more sexual than romantic, you should be able to guess how things are bound to wind up playing out. Make sure that you both want the same things from the relationship, be it friends with benefits type of situation or a casual boyfriend and girlfriend situation. As long as you are both on the same page, you should be able to keep the relationship just the way it should be – with no strings attached.

Keep Your Distance as Much as Possible

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but what makes the heart grow fond to begin with is spending too much time together. Keep your distance from the woman you’re seeing as much as possible and meet her only for the purpose of the no strings attached relationship. If you allow yourself the chance to get close to her, she may become attached to you, and it will eventually wind up defeating the entire purpose of a no strings attached relationship. Keeping your distance will keep your head and heart as clear as possible.


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