How to React When She Drastically Changes Her Look

"Oh wow! Even I can't recognize myself"

“Oh wow! Even I can’t recognize myself”

Whether a new look makes her look great or horrible, there’s always a way to react to when a woman changes her look. If you don’t want to end up hurting her feelings or pissing her off, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you know how to react whenever you’re dating a woman who suddenly changes her look.


Lying is definitely the best policy, especially if you hate her new look. A woman may tell you that she wants you to be honest, but you can be rest assured that she’s not being honest. If she changes her look and asks you what you think about it, tell her she looks great. You should compliment her on her new look as soon as you see her. Make sure that the compliment sounds believable. Sometimes it can be tricky finding the right tone to express your false excitement over her new look. Do not sound too excited or she will know that you’re lying. However, you also shouldn’t say something like, “It looks good,” or “You like nice.” These are sure to tell her that you hate everything about her new look. Instead, you can joking ask who she is, or you can say something like, “Who is this hot babe in front of me?” When you respond in this type of manner, she will be relieved that you mentioned her look before she did. Calling her hot or babe will only add icing to the cake. If you think she looks terrible, let one of her friends or relatives tell her.

Don’t Give Her the Wrong Idea

"Tell her that you like her new look"

“Tell her that you like her new look”

Sometimes a woman can change her look and it makes her look incredible. While you may think that talking about how gorgeous after the change will make her happy, it can actually have the opposite effect. If she drastically changes her look and it makes her look better, do not let her that you think she looks better now more than ever. This will be a huge blow to her self-confidence. It will also make her think that you’ve thought she was ugly until now. All this will do is lead to a bunch of pointless arguments that you more than likely do not want to have.

Instead of telling her how great she looks now, tell her she looks wonderful and that you like the new change. However, do not forget to add that you will always think she looks beautiful no matter how she looks. She will know you’re doing it for extra points with her, but she will also appreciate it. Make sure to flirt with her and you’ll probably end up with the best sex of your life.

Even when a woman changes her look and the results are terrible, you should never tell her. Allow other people to do that for you. If no one is willing to tell her that she looks bad, the lack of compliments will get to her and she will probably just revert back to her old look.


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