How to Recover After Calling Her the Wrong Name

"She'll be upset if you call her wrong name"

“She’ll be upset if you call her wrong name”

When you call a woman by the wrong name, there are very few things you can do make up for it. However, if you are quick enough, you may be able to convince her to forgive you for your mistake. You will have to be quick and tactful in order to do this, and most importantly, you will have to give off the impression that you’re genuinely sorry.

Act Quickly

"Apologize to her in a genuine way"

“Apologize to her in a genuine way”

Depending on the situation, calling a woman by a name other than her own could have a disastrous effect. If you happen to call a woman by another name while you’re talking to her on the phone or are out on a first date with her, it is usually easy to recover quickly. The first thing you will need is your cell phone and someone you can call right away. It is best that this person is a woman or a man who knows how to disguise her voice to sound like a woman. When you call her by the wrong name, the first thing you should do is apologize. Afterward, explain to her that she reminds you of a female relative or a coworker. She probably won’t believe you, but that’s where the cell phone comes in.

If you think she doesn’t believe your lie, tell her you will prove it. Go through your phone’s contact list and find a person that is good for helping you cover up your lies. This person should already be fully aware that she (or he) is your go to person whenever you need to get bailed out of a jam. You are going to call the person, but before you do, make sure you send them a text letting them know the situation. You should do this while you’re pretending to scroll through your contacts. When the person has confirmed, give them a call and put the lie into effect. The best thing about this method is that your date will probably try to talk you out of calling anyone after she sees how serious she thinks you are.

Get Your Sob Story Together

If you call a woman the wrong name in bed, it can be difficult to recover from. You definitely do not want to pretend like you didn’t call her the wrong name. You should also not waste your time arguing that you said the right name and that she heard you incorrectly. What you should do is apologize for saying the wrong name and then explaining to her that you have a legitimate memory problem. If you want to make your story believable, start looking up real memory problems right now so if the time comes, you’ll already have one that you can use as an excuse. It will probably end up with sympathy sex.

Sometimes it happens to the best of us, but you don’t have to let the fact that you called her by the wrong name ruin any additional chances that you may have with her. Just move quickly and get yourself out of the bed before she ends up hating you.


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