How to Talk to Her about Music without Sounding like a Fool

"Talk about your taste in music and see how much you have in common"

“Talk about your taste in music and see how much you have in common”

When trying to meet and hook up with women in bars or clubs, one subject you might try to talk about quite a lot is your musical taste. This can be a great conversation topic if you know how to play your cards right, but too often guys can wind up sounding like tools when they talk about their music taste. The last thing you want to do is drive the woman you’re chatting up away from you because you made her annoyed by talking about your taste in music. Knowing how to talk about your taste in music without sounding pretentious is hugely important.

Don’t Act Like a Hipster

"Do not brag about yourself"

“Do not brag about yourself”

One of the most annoying things people tend to do when talking about their taste in music is acting like a hipster. In this specific sense, that means pretending like you’re the only person who knows about a band. This may be true, but you should never start talking about a band by telling the woman you’re talking to that she’s probably never heard of them. This is incredibly annoying and will likely drive women off if you repeat it too often. It makes women think that you view them as ignorant to popular culture, or that she doesn’t have good enough taste to satisfy your high musical standards. Give her the benefit of the doubt, and pretend that maybe she has heard of your obscure favorite band even if you’re sure she hasn’t. Likewise, never act like you enjoyed a band before they got too popular. If she likes the band you’re talking about, she might have discovered them after they hit their big break and she won’t appreciate hearing you say that they got too popular.

Accept and Understand Her Music Taste

We all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to our taste in music, and the same is true for women. If she confesses that she likes a band or singer that seems trashy or just downright terrible to you, try to reserve your judgment. She doesn’t want to feel guilty for liking music that you might not like, and if you make fun of her for it you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be getting laid. A better way to deal with the situation is to bring up an embarrassing band or singer that you like, too.

Avoid Negative Statements

Try to avoid trash-talking bands, singers, or genres of music. You will more than likely wind up sticking your foot in your mouth if you mention something that she winds up actually enjoying. If you have nothing positive to say, change the topic. Try to focus on aspects of music that you enjoy and can talk about positively instead of focusing on negative aspects of bands that you hate or genres of music that you cannot stand. If nothing else, neutrality is the best way to avoid from creating an awkward situation.


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