How to Tell if She’s Faking Her Interest in You

"All she wants is red wine - Not you"

“All she wants is red wine – Not you”

Meeting and talking to women can be difficult even when you assume that they are being open and honest with you, but sometimes women wind up faking their interest in guys. There are several reasons for this, most of which revolve around wanting to be polite or just wanting the guy to go away without them having to say so. While this is unpleasant, sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Whatever the reason is, if you learn how to recognize when women are not genuinely interested in you, you will have much better success when going out and meeting women to try and hook up with.

She Seems to be Fidgeting a Lot

Sometimes women fidget with their hair or clothes as a sign of attention, but this can be very misleading because it can also be a sign of nervousness or of her being uncomfortable. If the woman you’re talking to cannot seem to sit or stand still and spends a lot of time looking away from you and fussing with her clothing, hair, or jewelry, she may be trying to nonverbally communicate her lack of interest or comfort. If she holds your gaze while she fidgets, she may just be excited and nervous because of it. Keep a close eye on where her gaze points while she fidgets and you may be able to decipher if she is interested in you or not. Another strange nonverbal cue is to check where her feet are pointed. If she is standing with her feet pointed towards you, then she most likely is interested and attentive. If she stands with her feet pointed away, she likely wants to leave.

She Isn’t Contributing to the Conversation

"She is not at all interested"

“She is not at all interested”

If she spends more time nodding and smiling at what you say than actually adding to the conversation, she may not actually be interested in talking to you. Try to prompt her to talk about herself, and if she seems to be struggling to come up with something to say then she is most likely not that interested in speaking to you. She may simply be bored with the conversation, however, so try changing the subject to see if that brightens her mood.

She Tries to Find Excuses to Get Away

This one is rather obvious and is usually a big indication that she wants to find someone else to talk to. If she seems like she checks her watch or phone clock quite often and makes excuses about needing to go, then she probably isn’t that interested in talking to you but she may be too polite to say so. If this happens to you, your best bet is likely to cut your losses and find a different woman to talk to, especially since the one you are trying to chat with seems not to be able to stick up for herself and say when she isn’t interested. She might actually have an appointment to keep, but it is usually not likely.


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