Knowing What You Can Get Away with Lying About

When you start cruising bars or clubs to meet and hook up with women, you want to impress them. When you want to impress women, you might be tempted to try and lie to them about various aspects of your personality, life, or hobbies. This is usually not a good idea, but if you feel tempted to lie then you should know what you can lie about safely without really needing to worry about it coming to light later on. Knowing what you can reasonably get away with lying about will help you attract more women because it will likely make you seem more appealing or exciting. Remember when you lie about something you should keep it simple and consistent so you don’t trip yourself up later on.

Your Past Experiences

"Make her believe your lies"

“Make her believe your lies”

Lying about your past is one of the easiest lies to get away with, especially if you do not plan on spending time with the woman you are lying to. There is little risk that someone will be around to call you out on your lie, as long as you keep it fairly believable. Try not to get too extravagant with your lies. Keep it restricted to anything you can claim without her being able to disprove it. You want to avoid telling her long, embellished stories about something you supposedly did. The more detail you bring in to a lie, the more likely it is to collapse in on itself at some point down the line. Keep your lies about your past simple but impressive for maximum benefit, and try not to brag too much about something you’ve just made up so that she does not get suspicious.

Your Past Relationship Experiences

Lying about your past relationships might be a good way to make yourself seem more exciting or daring than you might actually currently be. As before, you should keep these lies rather simple and not too crazy so that she will buy it. Avoid naming names unless you worked something out in advance with the named person, because she may just be tempted to call you on your bluff. Try to insert less of these lies into the conversation, since you do not want her to get jealous of your imaginary ex-girlfriend. You might want to lie about something like having a threesome or being in an orgy.

Your Future Plans

"Win her trust so that she believes you"

“Win her trust so that she believes you”

This is usually fine if you do not plan on spending much time with the woman in question. You can lie about your future career prospects without much worry about whether or not she will be around to see if it happens or if it doesn’t happen. These lies can be more extravagant since they have yet to come to pass, and the future is always changeable. She will be more likely to swallow these lies if they’re elaborate rather than if you spin an elaborate lie about something you already did in the past.


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