Knowing When to Cut Your Losses and Move on to Another Woman

"Let's be serious - It's time to end this relationship"

“Let’s be serious – It’s time to end this relationship”

The process of trying to talk to women at bars or clubs can often be frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with the women you choose to chat up. This can be bad for you ego and might leave you feeling defeated at the end of the night, especially since it often takes courage to decide to talk to women in the first place. However, if you learn when to cut your losses and move on to a different woman, you can feel much better about your chances and likely leave the bar satisfied.

She Seems Like She’s Bored

If you are talking to a woman and she seems to spend more time looking away from you than making eye contact, chances are that she is not that interested in what you have to say. No guy wants to be boring, but sometimes things are just not going to work out. Your best method of coping with this is being able to recognize when she is genuinely disinterested in what you have to say. If you can tell when she’s bored, you will be able to decide to move on and smoothly exit the conversation. Don’t waste your time with a girl who is unlikely to want to go out with you or go back to your house at the end of the night. This is just going to lead to disappointment, so find someone else to talk to.

Other Guys Are Closing In

"She is always busy on the phone with other guys"

“She is always busy on the phone with other guys”

If you keep getting approached by other guys when you’re trying to talk to a woman, you may want to cut things off and quickly move along to someone else. The more attention a woman receives, the less likely she is to pay attention to any one guy. This can really spell out certain doom for you. Chances are high that she will either want to be left alone by everyone, or she’ll choose one of the other guys to go off with. This is sadly inevitable sometimes, and unless you have a great connection with the girl you’re speaking to you should cut your losses and leave her to the proverbial sharks. You should not waste your time with a seriously high level of competition. If she’s really into you, she will try to keep you from leaving, so let the cards fall where they may.

She’s With Her Friends

Women who are surrounded by friends are always difficult to hook up with, and you may be better off moving on to a different girl if this is the case. Her friends are probably there to keep her from going off with a guy at the end of the night, so do not bother wasting all your time on somebody that you will likely not get to spend the night with. There are single women who will be by themselves who are much better for you to talk to, so focus on them.


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