She Looks Nothing Like Her Photos: Easy Excuses to End Your Date

"Have you ever been stuck in such a situation?"

“Have you ever been stuck in such a situation?”

There are few things worse than meeting up with a woman that you’ve met online only to discover that she looks nothing like her photos. When this happens, it can lead to a range of emotions from you. You may be angry that she lied to you, or you may be disappointed because you expected her to be one way and she isn’t. Regardless of how you’re feeling, when you want to get out of the situation without causing a scene, all you really need to do is brush up on your acting skills and get yourself out of a bad situation.

Start Acting

When you approach your date and realize that she looks nothing like you imagined, you should already begin putting your plan into action. The first thing you should do is start deciding how you should go about bailing on your date. If you want to go with something simple and easy, when you walk up to her, apologize in advance and tell her that you’re not feeling well, but that you didn’t want to cancel your date with her. Once the two of you begin your date, start faking the obvious signs of not feeling well. You can rub your stomach, look distressed, or cough loudly. After about 15 to 30 minutes, apologize and tell her that you don’t think you can make it. Tell her that you feel incredibly ill and that she deserves to only see you at your best. She will feel sympatric to your fake sickness. Once you’re gone, ignore any emails or phone calls from her and she will get the point.

You Have to Be There

"Act as if it is an emergency call and get out of there"

“Act as if it is an emergency call and get out of there”

Another thing you can do when you want to make a getaway from an ugly date is to sit down as if you are happy to be on a date with her. After the two of you have been sitting for a few minutes, excuse yourself to the restroom. Once you are there, either call or text a friend of yours and tell them to call you at a specific time. When you go to sit back down, continue on as if everything is fine. When you get the phone call, answer it and make sure to sound shocked by what the other person is telling you. One great excuse you can use is that a female relative is about to go into labor and no one is around to drive her to the hospital. Apologize and excuse yourself from the date and toss her number in the trash on your way out. There are numerous lies you can come up with when using this method, so try your best to be creative. Make sure your excuses sound believable.

While it is annoying to meet up with someone who doesn’t look anything like you expected, it isn’t the end of the world. Try your best to be polite and respectful while you’re excusing yourself. A few months later she may end up gorgeous and you may want a second chance. Don’t burn any unnecessary bridges if you can avoid it.


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