Surprising Places to Pick Up Women

When you’re tired of the club and bar scene, there are still a few other places that you may be able to pickup women. In fact, some of these places may be right around the corner from you without you knowing about it. Instead of trying to think of locations that offer a broad selection of women, try narrowing down the type of women you’re looking for.

Comic Book Store

If you don’t have an issue with dating a geek girl, the comic book store can be a great place to pickup women. Many times faithful geek girls will come to the comic book store on certain days, so you may have to visit a few times a week to figure out the best possible chances of meeting up with her. You will also need to understand that not every geek girls will look the way you may imagine them. While some geek girls may have perfect figures and may look great in a pair of black-framed glasses, many of them do not fit that stereotype. It is best if you are open-minded when looking for women at a comic book store. Many times, the typical standard of beauty doesn’t apply there.

Group Meetings

"Choose the most beautiful woman in the party"

“Choose the most beautiful woman in the party”

It may seem odd, but group meetings are a great way to pickup women. However, you do need to keep in mind that the type of group meeting you sit in on cans sometimes dictate the type of women you meet. For example, if you want a woman who likes to have a lot of sex, you can try sitting in at a sex addict group meeting. If you don’t mind playing around with your own personal morals and ethics, you can certainly hook up with a woman for a night of crazy sex that you’ll never forget. The best things about group meetings is that they happen often and all over. If you get tired of hooking up with people from one group meeting, you can choose to go to another one. Sometimes you may be asked to share your story. If that happens, you should probably have one made up in advance so people don’t figure out what you’re up to.

Video Game Store

"Ask about her favorite video game to initiate the conversation"

“Ask about her favorite video game to initiate the conversation”

Like the comic book store, the video game store is a great place to meet a certain type of woman. If you like gamer girls, the video game store is the place for you. The best thing about gamer girls is that they don’t have a specific look. Some of them may be extremely feminine while the rest look like typical average girls. Gamer girls are a lot like geek girls, so you won’t have to change how you approach them too much. Best of all, you’ll have someone to play video games with after sex.

It’s not hard picking up women from different places. If you’re willing to take the time to figure out other places that women may visit, you’re bound to run into a goldmine of women that most guys don’t know exist.


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