Take Her on an Adventure Date and Hookup

"Go out and have some adventure"

“Go out and have some adventure”

Tired of “romantic” dates that just end up feeling boring? Have you taken a woman and still not had any indication that hooking up is in your future? If you want to shake up your dating life and jumpstart the physical side of a relationship you should consider taking her on an “adventure date” to speed the process.

Get Her Heart Pounding

An adventure date always involves physical activity, the type is up to you. Laser tag in the woods is a great, heart pounding sort of adventure. You can also join the geocacheing craze so that you can search the local parks for hidden treasure while competing against other teams. These little competitions are informal and fun, and the quirkiness will get her interested.

Also, know that exercise releases endorphins. These are the happy chemicals in your brain, and they also make people feel close to one another. Get her blood pumping and you’ll find that she’s a lot more willing to do something physical when you get her home. Improved circulation on your part from recent exercise means that it’ll be something special for you, too.

Show That You Work Great as a Team

If you want your relationship to intensify, show her that it’s the two of you against the world-and that you’re winning. Competing together for the same goals draws the two of you together. Working as a team means that you two are communicating. Women love communication, and when you’re talking about something fun and easy it’s easy on you as well. If a woman’s having a few doubts about how you work out as a couple then a trip on an adventurous date is just the thing to show her how much chemistry the two of you actually have.

However, make sure that you keep the competition friendly. A great rivalry makes things interesting, but you don’t want anything that will lead to frustration, anger, or resentment in case you lose. The two of you can be a great team, but just in case you’re not you should still be able to have fun.

The Thrill of Victory

"Let her win"

“Let her win”

After you’ve worked out the kinks in your relationship through communication and teamwork in the pursuit of whatever goal controls your adventurous date, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’ve done everything right, you should have a happy, well-exercised woman on your hands. She feels close to you, and she feels good about your relationship. On that high note, you should take her home for a beer and whatever fun the two of you can have after that.

Active dates have other advantages. They’re cheaper, you’re both exercising, and it’s a story that you can tell in the weeks to come. On top of that, you’ll stand out in her memory as a unique guy. And, of course, you’ll reap the benefits of improved communication and pounding hearts at home.


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