Talking About Your Geeky Interests So They Sound Cool and You Don’t Sound Like a Jerk

“Girls like geeks because they are intelligent”

If you are a guy who tends to be more interested in geeky or nerdy hobbies than sports or physical activities, you might find it hard to talk to women about these hobbies without sounding like a total nerd. However, if you can figure out how to talk to women about your geeky hobbies in the right way, you can make yourself sound cool instead of weird. This can go a long way in making women want to hook up with you or date you, so it is a skill you should try your best to learn. Keep these simple ideas in mind when going to talk to women and you will do well.

Don’t Talk Down to Her about Your Hobbies

The last thing you want to do when trying to talk to women about your geeky or nerdy interests is to talk down to her about them. She might not have ever played a video game in her life or she may be a semi-professional competitive video game player, so you should be respectful when you talk about your hobbies. Give her the benefit of the doubt if she says she likes something that you like. After all, women can like geeky things just as much as men do, so you should include her in your discussion like she has every right to know what you are talking about. Assume that she understands basic terminology and offer to explain anything she doesn’t understand.

Try to Interest Her in Your Hobbies

Figure 2

“Introduce your favorite video game to her”

If you touch upon anything that she seems particularly interested in, you should try to get her involved in your hobbies by offering to let her try it out. You should probably hold off on inviting her to a card tournament right away, but you can show her how to play various games and introduce her to your favorite books and movies if she seems interested in them. She will appreciate the chance to broaden her horizons and she will most certainly appreciate the fact that you are going out of your way to include her in your hobbies, no matter how geeky she might actually think they are.

Don’t Use Too Many Geeky Terms

Sometimes you get overly excited when talking about your hobbies. It is only natural, but you should try to keep things simple when you are going to explain to her about your hobbies. Keep things as basic as possible, and expand upon them when needed, but never go straight into it with nerdy jargon that she probably has no chance of understanding. If you confuse her you may wind up making her feel stupid, and you can bet she will lose interest in your hobbies very quickly. Try to keep things on her level of understanding so she can follow the conversation and ask questions about what interests her. Letting her be involved in this way will make things flow much better.


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