Telling Her That YOU Want to Use Protection

"Using a condom will save you from STDs"

“Using a condom will save you from STDs”

Usually, you hear about guys that don’t want to use condoms because of ‘insert reason here.’ The fact of the matter is that a lot of guys are actually smarter about it than women when it comes to hookups, and that’s because they really don’t want to end up knocking up some random girl that they’ll never see again. If you end up with a hookup that just doesn’t want you to use a condom at all, that’s when you need to start being wary–and when you really need to be firm about bringing out those condoms and strapping them on in spades.

Be Firm About It

Here’s the thing–condoms are a good idea. If she doesn’t realize that by now, then it’s time for you to break down a little bit of sexual education for her. Tell her about how you really just want to be safe, no matter how honest you’ve been with one another. Tell her that you think it’s really important that the two of you have all the protection in the world, and that you want to make sure that absolutely nothing happens in the STD front when the two of you are together.

If she still seems pretty pouty about you putting on a condom, it’s probably time to run. You really don’t want to end up being with a woman that is turning down the idea of you wearing a condom. There might be something weird or freaky going on there, and that’s really not what you are going to want to deal with.

Mention Pregnancy

"She will appreciate your decision to use a condom"

“She will appreciate your decision to use a condom”

For the most part, girls are going to shy away from the idea of getting pregnant. It doesn’t matter if she’s on birth control; there’s always a chance that she could still get pregnant, and mentioning that is usually more than enough to make her remember that hey, condoms are a great idea, and add that extra layer of protection that really brings about a lot of peace of mind.

Again, if she’s still acting weird about it at this point, it’s time to just drop her and go. You don’t want to be with a girl that pokes holes in your condoms to try and deliberately get pregnant, because that’s some seriously messed up stuff that you don’t need in your life at all. Trust us on that.

Condoms Can Be Sexy

There are so many different ways to make condoms sexy that it’s ridiculous more people don’t do it. Ask her to put it on with her mouth. Tell her that you’d love the way she’d look while doing it, and hell, get some flavored condoms to make it a bit more appealing. If she’s still not down for it, make a show of putting it on for her. Condoms can be pretty hot when they’re actually applied properly, so take the time to really put it once you’re hard as a rock. If she isn’t turned on watching you when she’s that ready for you, then there’s just something wrong there.


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