The Language of Love: Getting with a Woman Who Speaks a Different Language

"Love beyond your race and color"

“Love beyond your race and color”

People always seem to be attracted to anything foreign: cars, wines, clothes, but most of all women. Latin lovers, California girls, Asian beauties, and so many more seem to demand our attention when they walk in a room just because they are so much different than what we normally see. With most people these days English is at least feasible, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking to get it on with a foreign beauty then you’re going to have to get a little creative.

Why Words Don’t Really Matter

Guys who live in the same country as these women have moderate success, just like we would with Canadian women. But when they come to our countries they’re actually looking to have a good time. That makes them so much more likely to go out with some random guy and get it on. Because of this it actually takes off some of the pressure of trying to impress them. You’re going to have to rely on your looks and body language to get the message across.

Let Your Body Do the Talking

"Talk through body language"

“Talk through body language”

When you do go up to this exotic wonder and say “hello” you’ll have to start using your body to talk to her. Of course you can pull the classic mimicking of a glass to ask her if she wants a drink, but beyond that be more subtle. Women pick up on things that men couldn’t even dream of. Sitting next to her is the first step; from there you need to angle your body in to point at hers. This is saying that you’re giving her attention, even if you aren’t asking her questions or talking to her. She very well may return the pose and understand what you’re looking for. If you think that the attraction is there, ask her if she wants to go home with you. Neither of you are looking for a relationship, so cutting the chase is the best bet. Knowing at least how to say “my house” in her language is a benefit since it will make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

Getting Her Home

If and when she’s agreed to come home with you, you know that she’s down for sex. There’s not really another reason she’d agree. But you don’t want to terrify the lady and start ripping her clothes off the moment you’re in the door. Sit down on the couch, offer her a drink, and pick out a movie. Netflix has tons of foreign films. Pick one in her language and put on the subtitles for you. She’ll appreciate the gesture. Then you can start putting your arm around her and see how she responds. Don’t push anything, but treat it like you were romancing a date. Scoot closer, smile, and then take a look at her. If she’s returning the affection then you know you’re good to go. By the end of the night you’ll have her screaming in tongues.


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