Three Mistakes in Almost Every Online Profile

There are three common flaws in almost every man’s online profile. If you’ve made them, there’s no shame in it. You just know the things that you need to redo if you want to reach the hot ladies that you see online all the time. Change up these three things, and you’ll be shocked how fast the dates pile up.

Boring Profile Pic

"No woman is going to read a profile with a boring picture"

“No woman is going to read a profile with a boring picture”

Is your profile picture a picture of your face, smiling? Or maybe a full body shot against a cluttered background, without a lot to distinguish you? Boring. A woman on an online dating site sees dozens of pictures like that one every time that she logs on. What you need is a dynamic action shot. This can be tricky to arrange if you don’t have access to a real camera or a photographer. Still, if you can have a buddy tag along on your workout and just snap a couple of pictures while you’re doing bench presses or getting your jog on through some mud, that would be best. You want your profile picture to be of you doing something interesting and dynamic. You want to impress her from the very first glance.

Too Much Information

One line profiles aren’t going to get you many hits, but if there’s one thing about the internet that will never change it’s the concept. You don’t have to list every accomplishment you’ve ever done to snag a woman’s attention. Work in a couple engaging, interesting paragraphs for each section and leave it at that. If you try to write an autobiography in these little boxes you’re sending her on a one way trip to snoozeville. Plus, you have the chance that she’ll think that you’re arrogant, conceited, vain, etc. Keep things simple, clean, and focused on the idea of what the two of you could do together.

Self-deprecating Humor

"Underestimating yourself is not going to impress her"

“Underestimating yourself is not going to impress her”

Most guys try not to brag in their profiles. To try to come across like they’re not, they use self deprecating humor. Ha ha, I’m sure a useless person, ha. No, don’t. The last thing that you need to be doing is underselling yourself to the women who view your profile. Self-deprecating humor doesn’t make you sound down to earth and relatable. It’s just awkward online, and it makes it seem like you don’t have any confidence. You’re trying to make yourself seem like a great catch to these women. It’s okay if you end up saying nice things about yourself. That’s the point of a profile, after all, and if you are bold enough to admit that you’re good at things you’ll be head and shoulders above a lot of the other men online.

Look at your profile with new eyes now. Does that joke at your own expense work, or does it make you sound desperate? Is your smiling face really a better reason to hook-up with you than a shot of you running through the muck like a real man? Is your profile loaded with so much information about yourself that there’s no mystery left? Scrap it, rework it, and see how many ladies you can snag with the “new you” profile.


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