What Hobbies You Should Try to Get into in Order to Attract More Women

If you have been out trying to meet and hook up with women, you’ve probably run into this situation plenty of times. You meet the woman of your dreams and you want to try and get close to her and maybe hook up, but it turns out you have nothing in common and you can’t catch her interest at all. You might have even taking up lying about your hobbies in order to do this, but that rarely ends well when it turns out you don’t know what you’re talking about. The best way to combat this is by trying to broaden your horizons and actually trying out enough hobbies so that you can relate to the kind of women you want to attract.

Attracting Geeky Girls

"Get into geeky hobbies to attract a geek girl"

“Get into geeky hobbies to attract a geek girl”

If you want to make geeky girls like you, and there are some serious benefits to going after geeky girls, you need to try and get into their hobbies. This usually means that you need to try and watch the television shows that are most popular with geeky or nerdy girls. You might want to try playing more video games than you normally do, and make sure to read more fantasy novels than you might already read. Doing any or all of these things will generally be the trick to get geeky girls to actually talk to you, since you know what they enjoy and you’ve made an effort to be able to relate to them.

Attracting Sporty Girls

"Go out for jogging in order to spend more time with her"

“Go out for jogging in order to spend more time with her”

Physically active girls are usually into sports, so if that’s your kind of hobby you should have no issue attracting these types of women. However, if you’re not really the outdoorsy type, you need to try and become one. Go on short hikes so that you can get used to being physically active. Try to look into learning how to canoe or use a kayak if you live in an area where you can feasibly do these things. Hit the gym more often so she doesn’t wind up leaving you in the dust if you go out on a trip with her. If you prefer to not get physically active, then you should try and keep up with basic sports news even for sports you don’t watch so that you can keep a conversation about sports flowing if you need to.

Attracting Girly Girls

You don’t need to go out and get a manicure, but knowing about makeup and beauty will help you have something to talk about with girly girls and women who seem extremely concerned with their appearance. Just a basic knowledge of certain things will help you out the most in the long run. You should try to read chick magazines that you usually avoid just so that you can keep up with a basic conversation about fashion – but be careful not to go overboard with this unless you want the women that you meet to think that you’re not straight.


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