What to Say When She Says She Wants More

Sooner or later, your fling or casual girlfriend is either going to break up with you or she’s going to ask to take things to the next level. It’s hard to know what to say when you were happy and now she wants more. If you don’t want to level up your relationship, there are three main ways that you can approach telling her that you just want to be casual.

You’re Not in a Stable Place in Your Life

"Choose one out of the two - your career or me"

“Choose one out of the two – your career or me”

This is a great line for men who have just gotten out of college and/or are career transitioning. She knows how precarious everything is for you, and she knows that you’re still trying to sort out who you are and how your life is going to be. She’s probably hoping that a relationship will help define you. Just tell her that you want to define yourself apart from a relationship right now. You want to get everything worked out. Once you know how your life is going to be, you’ll be in a better place to commit to someone. Until then… maybe the two of you should just keep things casual.

You Want to Wait for That until You’re Done Working so Hard

If you’ve just started a new career path or are working your way up to management from a standard position you should use this line. It tells her a few things. First, it says that you have big plans for your career. This automatically makes you more attractive. Even if a woman says that you don’t need to support her, it would still be nice if you could. Secondly, it says that you value her. You want to really be with her when you don’t have to spend every second working or thinking about working. That way the two of you can enjoy a life together, and she won’t have to feel neglected and alone. Always a good point. If she presses, make it clear that the life that the two of you could have together right now isn’t a life you want. It’s a hard life, and you’re going to hold out for something better-and so should she. It’s just not the right time.

You Hope That She Cares Enough to Wait for You

"Make her believe that you will marry her in few years"

“Make her believe that you will marry her in few years”

Once you’ve settled on your story and said your piece, you can whip out this little capper to show that you care. It’s not that there’s never going to be a world where the two of you could be together, it’s just that you can’t right now. That’s not going to change, but you’d like her to wait. This is a cue that she doesn’t have to break up with you. A lot of women will try to issue an ultimatum. Either up the relationship level, or downgrade it to nonexistent. Asking her to wait means that the pressure isn’t on you to decide. It’s on her to stay or go. Most women don’t like being the one to make a major relationship decision. She’ll back down from her challenge and you can enjoy a return to the casual relationship you used to have and that you want back.


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