When to Accept Failure and When to Keep Trying

"She is not worth your rose. Just move on"

“She is not worth your rose. Just move on”

Striking out with a woman in a club or bar is one of the worst things that can happen, and it can be a crushing defeat if you put a lot of effort into talking to the woman you were trying to attract. Sometimes it just happens, and you need to be able to move on from it so that you can meet as many women as possible. You might not realize that sometimes you should keep trying with a woman you think you’ve lost all hope with, however. It might not be easy to tell, but there are some things you can still recover from and keep her interest.

Checking to See if She’s Really Bored

If a woman seems disinterested in you, this is not the end. You can still recover from her seeming dreadfully bored, though it might be difficult. If you are not super interested in her, you might want to cut your ties at this stage and move on to a different woman. Otherwise, all you need to do is try to get her to talk about herself a bit more and steer the conversation more towards her interests. Lead the conversation instead of letting it falter. Her being bored will not kill your chances, but it does mean that you need to work a little bit harder to keep her interest so that she wants to keep talking to you instead of moving on to a different guy in the bar. If you can make her laugh with a joke, it’s a good way to get her back into the swing of the conversation and get things flowing again.

After Making an Off-Color Joke or Remark

"Make a joke to get a smile on her face and change her mood"

“Make a joke to get a smile on her face and change her mood”

Sometimes you just are not as funny as you think you are. Maybe you found a joke online that you think is hilarious, but when you shared it with the woman you were talking to, she seemed offended or just not amused. This can be a serious mood killer, and depending on the severity of your faux pas, it could be fatal for the conversation and relationship. You should try to gauge how upset she is before you decide to cut things off, but you should always try to save face by moving on or telling a less offensive joke at the very least.

The Dreaded Boyfriend Ultimatum

When a woman suddenly interjects what you’re saying and tells you blatantly that she has a boyfriend, you might as well pack it up and move on to the next woman at the bar. The boyfriend ultimatum is a woman’s final line of defense if she is not interested in you, or if she actually does have a boyfriend or husband and she wants you to know she’s not available. There really is no way of recovering from this one since it’s usually a woman’s way of telling you to back off and find someone else to talk to, but try not to take it to heart.


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