Why She’s Playing Coy

Women might think that playing coy is the best way to get a guy, but in actuality it’s annoying as hell. She won’t return your calls, but when you see her she flirts up a storm. Or she might be telling you that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, but then she has you over every day and bakes you cookies. It’s playing opposites that’s the most annoying part. While you might want to leave her confusing ways behind you, you can’t. That’s exactly what she wants, too. But why?

She Wants You to Want Her

"She wants your attention"

“She wants your attention”

Women can be extremely insecure. It’s actually a rarity to find a woman who’s in love with herself and totally fine with how she looks. That leaves most women needing a boost of some sort to feel good. When she’s pulling the strings and telling you all of this confusing bull crap she’s just looking for your reassuring words. She wants to hear how much you want her and wish you could be with her. It gives her a high that momentarily makes her feel pretty. If you could bottle that process you’d make millions, because it’s one of the strongest feelings a woman can get.

She Doesn’t Want to Seem Slutty

Coming out right away with an all caps text of “Take me now” isn’t exactly a lady-like thing to do. Sure, she’d totally be down to suck your dick, but she doesn’t want you to know that. In her mind you’ll cum, look down at her, and call her a filthy ho. It doesn’t make a ton of sense, really. But women worry about these things for a reason. You might not think that she’s slutty, but you’re not the only one in on this. She might think that she’s gone too far or her friends might give her crap for it. That’s especially if she has talkative friends who are going to tell her secrets to the world.

She Thinks That You’re a Man Whore

"Are you ready to pick her up?"

“Are you ready to pick her up?”

If you start coming on with the flirting too well then she might think that you do this all the time and have a giant panty collection from all of your flings. In this case she’s literally going to be confused. This seems like playing hard to get, but actually she’s really just unsure of whether she wants to take her chances with a guy who’s been around the block as many times as you have. It’s not your fault you’re so smooth when it comes to the ladies.

She’s a Different Kind of Whore

While she might not be the type to unzip your pants on a first date, she certainly is a different kind of whore. An attention whore, that is. It’s not a bad thing by any means. She just really likes the attention that you’re giving her but doesn’t actually like you all that much. You entertain her and lift her self-esteem, but she wouldn’t like, kiss you or anything. This quickly becomes apparent when she skips out on all of your hangout sessions.


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