Women You Should Avoid in Bars and Clubs

"Women in this group will not be an easy pick up"

“Women in this group will not be an easy pick up”

Knowing what kind of women to approach in bars is often tricky enough, since you have to carefully plan your approach and what you’re going to say that will make you stand out from all the other guys who are probably approaching her all night long. However, there are certain types of women that often frequent bars and clubs that you actually want to avoid. They will either be a complete waste of your time, or they will turn you down instantly, or they want something different than what you want. Being able to recognize the types of women that you should avoid in bars will help you have a more successful and less stressful night.

The Woman Who’s Guarded

Women often go to bars and clubs in packs, so you’re likely to see a woman hanging out with a group of her friends. These are often the most difficult women to approach and you will be much better off skipping her entirely and trying to find someone else to approach. The reason for this is because her friends are often acting as a sort of bodyguards, so she will be much more difficult to talk to. Sometimes you may even see a woman who looks like she’s on her own at the bar, but she actually has a friend nearby to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t go home with anybody. While this is extremely frustrating, it is usually best just to bypass these women entirely and find a different woman to talk to unless you think she’s really worth the extra effort that her guards will cause.

The Woman Who’s Already Wasted

"She needs someone to take care of her"

“She needs someone to take care of her”

It might seem like an easy hookup, but you should definitely steer clear from the woman who seems like she’s already had a few too many drinks. Picking up women who are a little tipsy is fine, but picking up a woman who looks like she’s about to pass out is never really a good idea. First of all, chances are that anybody nearby is going to give you trouble if you try to leave with her. Not to mention the fact that drunk women aren’t very good lays, and she’s probably not going to remember what happened the morning after your hookup. Steer clear from these women to save yourself trouble and a sloppy, unsatisfying night.

The Woman With Guys Hanging Off of Her

If a woman is already surrounded by other guys, you should turn your focus to women who are not receiving as much attention. Women who are surrounded by guys are going to be viewing each of them much more critically. It really isn’t worth your time to try and compete with a bunch of other guys just for the attention of one woman. Not only will you likely be put up against some serious schmoozers, it might make you look desperate to the other women in the bar or club.


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