You Got Used, Now What?

It’s never awesome to realize that you got used by a woman. It’s damaging to your reputation, self esteem, and especially your feelings. Not to get all mushy here, but we have those too, and they’re just as breakable. Some guys might sit around moping over the woman that had them as long as a knock-off purse, but you don’t have to be that guy. We’re not saying you just have to man up and get over it, but we are saying that there is life after being used.

She Used You for Money

"Beware of such a situation"

“Beware of such a situation”

Some gold diggers out there don’t care what a guy’s about if they have money. He could be old, fat, smelly, perverted, or about a million other things but as long as he shells out some sort of cash she’ll play along and be his. If you’re one of these unlucky guys then you’ve most likely lost more than a few tears. Technically all the money that you’ve spent on her has been a gift, so you can’t really take it back or anything.

What to Do Now

Well now that she’s out of your life look on the bright side: you don’t have to spend more money. You’ve obviously got some well paying job or inheritance that attracted her to begin with, so keep building on that. Next time keep your money closer to your chest. If the future girlfriend gives you crap about not spending it on her then just tell her the truth: a gold digger ruined it for the rest of you.

She Used You for a Rebound

"So finally, you are just a friend"

“So finally, you are just a friend”

This is by far one of the suckiest ways to be used. She just got out of a long-term or wild relationship and now she’s back out on the prowl. You happen to be her first victim. Unfortunately it’s not just because you’re extremely good-looking either. A lot of times a woman will find a guy who strikes a chord somehow (his looks, his partying habits, or even just that he’s different from her norm) and chooses to get with him. These romances are like a whirlwind and often leave your life like it was hit by a tornado. Rebounds typically don’t last, but you don’t always know that you’re a rebound. Whether you chose this path or not, you’re off of it now. She’s gone on or back to her ex-boyfriend.

What to Do Now

Now you just have to get over her. Luckily rebounds don’t last that long, like we said, so you won’t have had a lot to attach to. She may have left some things over at your place or vice-versa. Just clean them up, give them back, and whatever you do, do not get re-involved with her. It will only reopen the shallow wounds that she left and probably get you acquainted with that ex you had heard of. As douchey as it might make you look ignore all of her calls for at least two to six months after.


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