AffairsClub Review: Why Affairs Club Was Our #4 Pick for Getting Laid

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With 11 dates and 6 successful nights, this site comes in at a sturdy fourth place. With a great ratio of men to women, and a clean, inuitive design, AffairsClub is a great way to find women (with great searching options, to boot).

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AffairsClub Expert

We were surprised that we ended up loving Affairs Club as much as we did, truth be told. The site itself is pretty stylish and easy to use, but that doesn’t always bode well when it comes to hookups. In the case of Affairs Club, however, that’s definitely how it went.

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This site is well put together.

When we say put together, we mean that during our AffairsClub review, we really ended up enjoying our experience here because it’s very planned out. The owners of this site obviously put a lot of thought into it, and for us, that means quite a bit.

The thought is definitely present when you look around on the site and take note of the intimate atmosphere. When you have a site that really goes out of its way to appeal to women, that means you’re going to have far less AffairsClub scams, and way more ladies in general. While we were using this site, we saw that there was a great ratio of women to men, and that means a much higher chance of getting the dates you want.

Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using Affairs Club

We ended up spending a total of three months on our AffairsClub review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we were sure weren’t just AffairsClub scams.

The numbers were outstanding.

From those 270 e-mails, we ended up with a great total of 236 replies. This was well beyond our expectations, considering we only really wanted to get a minimum of 50% in return.

We ultimately ended up with 11 ladies that wanted to meet up with us, and 7 of them actually ended up showing up. We ended up hooking up with 5 of them, which went above and beyond our expectations. Overall, it was a great experience on this site.

screencap img overlay Affairs Club

Two Messages That Got Us Laid on Affairs Club

Email 1: “Hi, Katrina. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re really into showing dogs, and I have to say, you don’t see many people like that around here. If you’re ever in town at a show, I’d love to meet you and your dog. It’s really interesting to me!”

Email 2: “Hi, Bessie. I haven’t ever met someone as interested in seamstress work as you are, and I have to admit, I think it’s very cool that you take your work as seriously as you do. Your designs look amazing, by the way, and I’d love to see more pictures if you have them.”

What Made Affairs Club Work: Features That Made a Difference

We really loved the way that this site was designed. It’s incredibly easy to get around and use this site and general, and we think that says a lot about the thought that was put into this site overall.

A site that is easy to use means it’s easy to meet women.

People aren’t going to stick around and keeping using a site that doesn’t make sense. AffairsClub works on many levels, and that means that the navigation is easy, intuitive, and helps you actually get to the search engines faster to meet more women.

The search features are also very good, and help steer you in the direction that you want to go quickly and seamlessly. We really enjoyed this part about the site, and think that a lot of other sites should make it this easy to really enjoy the site as a whole.

Beat the Competition on Affairs Club: How to Ensure You Keep Get Her Attention

Affairs Club is really in need of guys that can take charge and go for what they want. We noticed that the most popular profiles were the ones that talked about their interests in detail, and so that’s what you should really strive for when building your profile.

Be blunt.

When we say blunt, we don’t mean crass. You should just be open about your interests and what you want out of your hookup, and that means taking the initiative to talk about what you need.

Room for Improvement: What Affairs Club Could Do Better

This site does have a lot of inactive profiles as far as we can see. Any dating site is going to have that sort of thing, but on AffairsClub, they do end up cluttering the site somewhat, which is something we found annoying while we were doing our review.

We hope that the administrators will take the time to get rid of those in the future. Otherwise, they just will end up detracting from the site, and that’s really a big shame.

Affairs Club in the News

Keeping your fun, hookup relationship strong is really important on sites like Affairs Club, so check out this article and take in a few tips:

Long-distance relationships are sometimes a part of hookups, and that’s why this article can help you out on sites like Affairs Club:

Our Final Call on How Affairs Club Measured Up

We really loved Affairs Club, and we think that the numbers don’t lie. It’s our number four site for a reason, and that’s because it consistently performs, and really is a lot of fun overall.

If you’re looking for a great site to start out on, we think you’ll have a lot of fun here. Check it out at least once!

30 Responses to “AffairsClub Review: Why Affairs Club Was Our #4 Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Jacob

    I’m not the type of man who usually leaves reviews, especially for dating sites. prompted me to change that and share my praise on the site with everyone, because it definitely deserves a lot.

  2. Maurice Baxter

    In comparison to most of the other popular sites that are being used right now this one is much more worthwhile. I haven’t seen any issues with broken links or fake profiles on this one.

  3. The Pet

    Don’t listen to anyone who tries to bring youd own by suggseting that this site is a scam. They’re wrong, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Trust me on that.

  4. Trustsing

    I don’t know how legit is. I don’t like the look of the homepage, but bc I’m married and still looking for sex the name definitely appeals to me. IDK what to think, really.

  5. Andre

    I don’t know how I avoided a site this good for so long, I really don’t. I should have started using it so long ago and I would have gotten laid a lot sooner tbh.

  6. Leslie

    I wanted to test out but I was so hesitant about dating sites at first that I didn’t sign up to try it out for so long. I wish I’d joined much sooner by far.

  7. Darrell Monahan

    I absolutely had to give this site a high rating. I’ve only used it for about a month but I’ve already met so many women that I’m extremely impressed with the site as a whole.

  8. Boiling Reptile

    I have to leave a review for I signed up at the end of 2013 but I didn’t start using it until this year and I love every single little thing about it tbh.

  9. Nam-Lex

    I love dating married women instead of single women. I think it’s so much better, so I’m wondering if is a good choice for a dating and hookup site for me. I’ll find out.

  10. Robin

    I want sites like this to all be as good as this one. There’s nothing wrong with this site and every aspect of it works so well I’m amazed more people haven’t signed up for it.

  11. Ezra

    A review for is in order for sure. You’re supposed to give credit where credit is due and credit is definitely due for every aspect of this site. It works very well for sure.

  12. Reid Mull

    Every other site I’ve used in the past pales in comparison to this one. They just seem cheap and poorly maintained and there aren’t nearly as many profiles as there are on this one imo.

  13. Rapid Stoned Reindeer

    I don’t want the dating site I use to scam me out of money and that’s why I didn?t like other dating or hookup sites. This one didn’t do any of that and I met so many women.

  14. Gravy Brave

    I’ve found myself wishing for legit sites so often bc so many of them just end up being such shit. seems okay, but the look of the homepage puts me off a bit tbh.

  15. Keith

    It’s very good that this site seems to understand that hookups are much better than actually dating. I don?t want a relationship, I just want to have sex. More women should understand that, I think.

  16. Hans

    If you test out and find it to be lacking in any way, what the hell is wrong with you? What could you possibly not like about it? I, for one, liked everything tbh.

  17. Alfredo Kemerer

    I can’t leave a high enough rating for this site. The messaging system is amazing and all the women on here are so lonely and so hot. Much hotter than on any other site imo.

  18. Random Lobster

    I wanted to write a review for this site back in 2013 but I got distracted and forgot. I’m doing it now! This site is amazing and I intend to use it for quite some time.

  19. Dreaded Space

    I think women who still pursue dating outside their marriage are so hot, and I’m definitely looking to date outside of mine. I guess is a good place to start for that, it seems.

  20. Colton

    I’ve used sites like this but I’d never used one that specified just affair-only hookups. I really like that because I’m married and I prefer to only sleep with other married women who understand discretion.

  21. Clinton has earned itself a good review from me. The site is easy to sign up for and use, and it was very very easy to meeet a lot of hot women who wanted exactly what I wanted.

  22. Gilberto Foster

    There’s no comparison when you pit this site against others. There just isn’t! No other site is as easy to use as this one is and no other site that I’ve seen specialized in affair-only hookups.

  23. Polar-bear Tidy

    I thought this site might be a scam when I first saw the homepage but I changed my opinion pretty damn quick. Iti’s so far from a scam, it just looks casual so it stays laid-back.

  24. The Orangutan

    I’m wondering if is legit. I took a look at it and it doesn’t look like you’d expect a dating site to, but I don’t want to judge a book by its cover, you know?

  25. Rudolf

    I’m so glad I finally found a good site because I’d used so many sites before and hunted so long for a really good one and I think this time I actually found the best site.

  26. Alvaro

    If you want to test out then my best piece of advice to you beforehand is to sign up as soon as possible. To be honset, that’s all I have to say. Just do it.

  27. Noe Akers

    If you want my rating of this site then you can have it: it’s the highest possible. 15 out of 10, 10 out of 5 stars. It exceeded every expecation that I didn ‘t even know I had.

  28. Hidden Doe

    I haven’t written a dating site review since the middle of 2013 so sorry if this sucks and doesn’t answer any questions. Just use the site, then you’ll see what’s so good about it. Trust me.

  29. The Elf

    I’m trying to decide if using a dating or hookup site is right for me. I don?t like not getting to talk to people face to face so I’m on the fence about signing up for

  30. Dallas

    I’m never sure what to think of sites like this, and I can’t decide whether or not they’re scams, usually. I had none of those problems with this site. It was great in my opinion.


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