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No big shock that we didn't get any hookups here, since there's nothing but fake profiles and cam girls. Cam girls aren't going to meet up with you to hookup in person, so why bother chasing them? Not that the fact stopped some of the sad dudes on here.

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BangBuddy Expert

If the name didn’t make us roll our eyes enough, then the rest of the site itself really did. just sort of makes us want to lie down after a long, stiff drink, and that has everything to do with the fact it doesn’t even try to attract the right crowds of people.

It’s all about scamming men.

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We’ve been on a lot of sites and done a lot of reviews. We really know what works, and what doesn’t. That being said, you’d think a lot of sites out there would try to follow a model similar to the most popular sites by now…but in particular just doesn’t seem to catch onto anything close to that.

It’s just pathetic.

Men are joining up on this site because they want to see naked women. BangBuddy scams are usually cam girls and escorts, which really just makes us want to bury our faces into our hands and die a little inside. During our BangBuddy review, we just ended up sending a ton of sad, depressed guys trying to desperately chase after cam girls, which, obviously, isn’t going to get them laid at all.

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Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using

We ended up spending a total of three months on our BangBuddy review, and during this time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more BangBuddy scams.

They probably were.

Sadly, our results weren’t good. Out of those 270 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 81 responses. This wasn’t anywhere close to our minimum cut-off of 50%, and that means that we were pretty disappointed by this site’s performance as a whole.

Of course, it didn’t get better.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, and not a single hookup ended up happening courtesy of this site. That ultimately means that it was a complete waste of our time, and we were really not pleased to find that out by the end of our review.

Complete Analysis: Why Just Doesn’t Cut It

We really hate having to deal with fake profiles. While they’re usually avoidable, you sometimes end up on a site like this that is just covered in them…and of course, it just ends up rendering the entire site useless for people to actually hookup on.

There are barely any women here.

We’re pretty sure that BangBuddy just kind of gave up in the department of actually being a functional site. Nowadays, they only seem interested in scamming a ton of people, which really isn’t something that we’re in favor of. It’s just the kind of thing that makes us want to grind our teeth.

You won’t get laid here, obviously.

The point is that there aren’t any women around that will actually give you what you want. They’re all fakes, and that means that unless you like staring at cam girls and not actually getting laid, you aren’t going to get laid. That can be really disappointing for a lot of people, and sadly, that’s just par for the course on a site like in the News

Sites like will really end up making you question whether or not online dating sites are for you, and this article tells you why:

Having the right photo really will make a difference in your online dating experience, but on, it probably won’t change much:

Our Final Call on How Measured Up

There’s absolutely no way that we’d ever begin to recommend to anyone. This is the kind of site that makes us twitch all over and want to sort of curl up in a ball and shake, and that means that you aren’t going to even have a single chance of getting laid on here.

Skip it, and move on.

Instead, we highly recommend you check out our number one site for sex dating, It’s our absolute favorite site, and the numbers don’t lie: it really does work. We think that everyone should give it a shot at least once when they’re trying out online dating.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Isn’t a Top Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Irvin Whirlow

    It’s no wonder doesn’t have a single good review – it’s a scam and it doesn’t even look legit!

  2. Dirty Trombone

    It’s so funny how bad this site is in comparison to the big ones. I can’t believe it even exists!

  3. Lonnie

    I’m worried that is a scam, but I think I’m going to join it anyway to see where I can get.

  4. Danilo Agg

    I wish that this site had been legit, but I guess you can’t trust everything that you read on the internet.

  5. Moose Tidy

    There aren’t any good things about this website. It’s cheaply designed and all the women are ugly to make it worse.

  6. Guillermo Pearsall

    I would never test out because I heard that a lot of people had their identity stolen on here.

  7. White Nathan Redblade

    Rating this site is so hard because the numbers don’t go low enough for me to feel right about my decision.

  8. Kieth

    I read a review from 2013 saying that is the best hookup site?I’m not sure about that, but we’ll see.

  9. Ivory Newton

    I’m never going to join a dating service again. This was a huge bust, and I don’t want to deal with it again.

  10. Volfix

    Sites like this are why I’ve lost all hope in the future of hookup sites. They’re all just really disappointing scams.

  11. Numbers Snyder

    Don’t give a good review if you just joined! It looks good at first, but it’s just a scam!

  12. Lucky Lama

    I can’t believe how bad this site is in comparison to the other ones out there. It’s just sad, really.

  13. Reyes

    Nobody can tell me whether or not is a scam, which makes me kind of nervous, to be honest.

  14. George Lord

    Nobody can convince me that this site is legit. It looks like the fakest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  15. The Yellow Craw

    Good thing I don’t want to use these kinds of sites anymore, or else I’d be really disappointed that this one’s so bad.

  16. Clement Graff

    Test out at your own discretion. I won’t do it because the site is totally riddled with computer viruses.

  17. Fisty Flapper

    All the rating sites that I’ve seen have given this one exactly what it deserves – which is the lowest rating possible.

  18. Leandro

    One review that I saw from 2013 said that this site was just a big scam, and I feel like it might be the truth.

  19. Maurice Greenawalt

    Dating online is so hard as it is, and it just makes it even harder when you can’t tell if a site is real.

  20. Dusty Heart

    I don’t trust sites like this to get me laid after I had a really bad experience on another site.


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