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"50 million active members". Yeah, right. This place was so empty, it was almost eerie. Not even the fake or dead profiles were being controlled by scambots, and the 1 (one!) reply we received from 270 messages sent seemed to be a fluke.

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BookOfSex Expert

Boy, do we love a site that boasts about how many members it has. claims to have over 50 million active members, which just sort of makes us chuckle. We have to wonder how many of those are profiles they put on there themselves, really.

The answer is probably most of them.

We’re not really sure what the point of is. The more we dug into our BookOfSex review, the more we realized that this site was just…dead. Where were those 50 million people? If they were smart, they had already flown the coop, but you know, most people aren’t. Most people stick around and end up buried in BookOfSex scams, but it really did seem like most of them were gone and out.

online hookup scam alert image

Good for them.

We like to think that most people would leave a trashy site like this behind in the dust, but the more we poked around, the more it seemed like people had been here in the past. Thankfully, most of them were gone. Obviously, we wanted to get laid, but we were glad that most people had figured out that this site just wasn’t going to make that happen. screenshot img overlay

Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using

We ended up spending a sad, boring three months on our BookOfSex review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more BookOfSex scams.

The numbers didn’t lie.

Now for the yikes moment–we only received 1 e-mail back out of all those e-mails sent. We’re also pretty sure that it was a spam e-mail, so we really did start wondering what happened to those 50 million people. Were they all murdered? What in the world happened?

It was just weird.

Obviously, we didn’t get to hookup courtesy of this site. It was so eerily empty that we had to start wondering if it was haunted and we were going to die in seven days or something like that. Either way, it was obviously nothing but a waste of our time.

Complete Analysis: Why Just Doesn’t Cut It

Sites that are this dead are something of a mystery. We really didn’t imagine to be this kind of dead and empty, but it was sort of strangely entertaining after awhile–like dancing through an empty theatre with no one there to yell at you to stop.

It was still just bad, though.

Every part of this site was a lie, a fake, or a dead, abandoned profile. This is the kind of site that is just a scammer’s paradise waiting to happen, and if there were any ‘active’ profiles on here, we’re pretty sure they were all just being controlled by scam bots overall.

It’s not a safe site.

There’s really no point to using a site like this. You aren’t going to get laid, and the only thing that is really going to happen is that you’re going to end up scammed out of some part of your wallet or identity. This is why we were ultimately very glad to just be done with it. in the News

Turning sex into a diet or exercise tool is really not a good idea, so keep that in mind when you’re using sites like

A quality sex life is incredibly easy to have, so check out articles like this and avoid sites like

Our Final Call on How Measured Up

We really weren’t happy with, and in fact, it had our lowest rating so far. With that in mind, there’s absolutely no way that we’d ever even come close to recommending this site to someone that actually wanted to hookup and get laid.

There are good sites out there.

Check out, our number one site for sex dating. It’s the best of the best, and it’s the kind of site that really will help you meet the kinds of women that you want to meet. We always turn to it when we need a pick me up, and that’s exactly what it will end up delivering to you every time.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Isn’t a Top Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Carlo Wible

    I don’t know what made me review, but at least it gave me a good laugh for the day, right?

  2. Sugar Spacy Emerald

    Wow, I would definitely go with a comparison site if I were you. This one is just way too pathetic.

  3. Jc

    I’m wondering if this site is a scam, because with a name like, it really kind of makes you wonder.

  4. Andy Archibald

    Nothing about this site is even the slightest bit legit, in case any of you guys were wondering about it.

  5. Lovebird Gutsy

    Does this site deserve a good review from me? No, it definitely doesn’t. This site is just a load of crap.

  6. Elvin Mens

    Test out if you want to, but rest assured that you aren’t going to meet any women on here.

  7. SugarSugar

    Don’t give this site a good rating to be funny. Boosting its ratings ensure that it won’t get shut down.

  8. Julius

    All the review sites from 2013 say that is totally legit, but I think I want to do more research first.

  9. Doyle Gearhart

    That’s it, I’m done. I’m done with online dating, hookups, and I’m especially done with this sad excuse for a site.

  10. Dancing Tumbler

    I never trust sites like this to fix me up with the right women, and I have to say I’m never disappointed.

  11. Val Jerome

    Anyone who leaves a good review for must be joking, because this site is the literal worst site ever.

  12. Los Weasel

    In comparison to the other sites I’ve been on, this one is more laugh material than anything else. Sad but true.

  13. Wilmer

    So far, seems legit, but you never know when it might actually just be a cleverly disguised scam site.

  14. Domingo Huston

    I can’t tell you how badly I wanted this site to be legit, but it’s just like all the others after all.

  15. Dangerous Rocky Electron

    Nothing good came of joining this site. I didn’t even talk to a single woman. I hate this site so much.

  16. Dave Reese

    You don’t have to test out to realize that it’s a crappy site. You can just take one look at the homepage.

  17. Donkey Fast

    Any rating that I could give this site wouldn’t be low enough to be giving it what it really deserves.

  18. Jacob

    I read a review from 2013 for that said it was a hoax, but I think I’m going to join and find out for myself.

  19. Gregorio Reed

    Why do sites like this make dating so hard? I just want to meet some beautiful women, not spam bots!

  20. Villain Solid

    Sites like this are why I gave up on hooking up onilne. I’m so sick of messing around with these scams.


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