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Coming in at #2, we scored an amazing 18 dates and 10 hot hookups. This is a great, active site with a massive userbase. There's a woman for every man's tastes on here, and you're sure to find someone that catches your eye.

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EroticAds Expert is one of those sites that always seems to be incredibly consistent. The more that we ended up using, the more we ended up impressed with it, and that has a lot to do with the amazing formula this site has set up for online dating.

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It’s just very easy to use.

When it comes to actually making a site work, you won’t find one that seems to go more smoothly. During our EroticAds review, we had absolutely no problems being able to master the site itself, because it’s simple, intuitive, and very, very smart.

We love sites like this. It also has a great way of dealing with its EroticAds scams, and that’s that there’s a simple report button that immediately flags the person for removal. This is great, especially since there are administrators almost always on the site. This means that you’re going to end up very safe on this site, which really sits well with us.

Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using

We ended up spending a total of three months on our EroticAds review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we knew weren’t EroticAds scams on this site.

It was worth it.

From those 270 e-mails, we ended up with an amazing total of 249 replies. Considering we usually want a 50% return of our e-mails, we definitely got above and beyond those kinds of results.

From those 249 replies, we had a total of 20 ladies want to meet up with us. Ultimately, 17 of them actually showed up, and by the end of our review process, we had hooked up with 10 of them. This was amazing, and definitely worth a great rating.

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Finishing at a strong #2, you definitely won’t regret trying EroticAds

Two Messages That Got Us Laid on

Email 1: “Hi, Emily. I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile by that lovely smile of yours, and from there, I saw that you were really into shibari. I’ve always wanted to know more about it, and I was wondering if you could give a few pointers to a beginner.”

Email 2: “Hi, Corinne. I saw that you were really into knitting, and that’s something that I’ve always personally wanted to learn about. I don’t suppose you have any pointers to someone that’s just starting out? I’d love to see more of your work, also.”

What Made Work: Features That Made a Difference

The best part about this site is that it’s incredibly easy to use. We honestly think that anyone could hop onto this site and make it work to their exact specifications, and that means a lot to people that are just starting out with online dating.

You can also find all kinds of ladies here.

There’s an amazing amount of variety on this site. That means that you’re really never going to struggle when it comes to finding someone that really suits your particular needs.

We personally love a site that has a ton of variety. It really makes the experience more fun and interesting, and overall, it means that a site is very well run, because all kinds of people want to join it.

Beat the Competition on How to Ensure You Keep Get Her Attention

There is a lot of competition on this site, and that means you really need to spend that extra amount of time on your profile. Take the time to fill it out and nitpick it with lots of details.

It’s worth it.

Women want to know a lot about you on here. That means that you should always go above and beyond your usual profiles to fill out as much information as possible. It will definitely make you stand out, and that’s very important on a larger site.

Room for Improvement: What Could Do Better

Because there is a lot of competition on here, it means that you’re really going to have to keep up with your messages and inbox a lot more than you usually would. This can be daunting to some men, but it just means a bit of extra attention overall.

Whenever you try to use, just remember that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t meet the first lady you see; it just takes practice to get used to it all. in the News

Your woman’s sex drive can really be revved up with the right push, so check out this article when you’re on and see what it can do for her:

If you really want to get your own sex drive back into overdrive, this article can help you out, and that’ll be good on sites like

Our Final Call on How Measured Up is our number two site for sex dating, and trust us, it’s really worth it. It’s a ton of fun, and we really think that our numbers prove how great this site is overall.

We highly recommend that you give a shot, and we really think that if you’re just starting out that it’s a great first site to use. You’ll really be able to see results on this site for sure.

40 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Our #2 Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Kirby

    I didn’t know I’d find a place to post my review of other than on my personal blog. I’m glad I found this though because I want everyone know how good this site is!

  2. Kasey Newbern

    In comparison to most of the other sites I’ve used, this one seems more well-maintained. It runs like a well-oiled machine and I never have to worry about whether or not it will load right.

  3. Zot-Hold

    If this site is a scam then I clearly have no understand of how to evaluate a site. There’s no way it can be. Everyone here works too good to possibly by anything less than legitimate.

  4. Honey Ocelot

    I had concerns about whether or not was legit from the looks of the site, but I used it and I realized that appearances are sometimes deceiving. This is an okay site in my opinion.

  5. Leigh

    Good grief, is there anything worse than a dating site that doesn’t work? No, I didn’t think so. Nothing is more disheartening than that. Luckily, this site works and excels in every way for me.

  6. Romeo

    If you’re thinking of signing up to test out, do it! I can tell you that I was on the fence but when I finally signed up I was so happy I did tbh.

  7. Leroy Lafortune

    The highest of ratings from me for this site, for sure. I had used so many lackluster dating sites that when I had the privelege of using this one it seemed like a true lifesaver.

  8. Mysterious Dirty Prophet

    2013 was a good year. I’m still in the process of leaving reviews for all the dating sites I used but overall this particular site was great. I’m going to keep using it for sure.

  9. Xylophone Raw

    Meeting womem on online sites can be difficult because they’re all looking for dating, but I’m just looking for hookups. seems to be a site that can appreciate that so I do believe I’ll use that.

  10. Drew

    Sites like this are so hit or miss and this one was definitely a hit. It looks nice, it works well and every woman that I’ve spoken to on here has been really hot imo.

  11. Rigoberto

    A review is in order for I love this site and I think that everyone else who needs a dating or hookup site should sign up and use this one. I’m being completely serious.

  12. Leroy Langston

    Every other site I’ve used pales in comparison to this one. I am so imrpessed with this site that my friends who are going through dry spells in their sex life too keep getting recommendations.

  13. WhelpWhelp

    I’m pretty impressed with a site if it doesn’t try to scam me, so I guess you can say I’m easily impressed. This site went above and beyond – it not only didn’t scam me, it was a great time.

  14. Dangerous Rocky Electron

    Does anyone know oif is legit? I’ve been seeing it for a while but I’m not sure if I want to start using it. I’ve had a bad taste left in my mouth in regards to hookup sites.

  15. Riley

    I don’t know how much good my opinion does because I don’t review these sites for a living or anything, but I can tell you that from my perspective, this site can do no wrong.

  16. Eduardo

    If you havent’ signed up to test out, what are you waiting for? You’re reading reviews, so what exactly are you waiting for? Sign up and get laid now and stop fucking around guys.

  17. Shon Birdsall

    If there was a rating even higher than 10/10 or 5 stars, I would give it to this site. I can’t tell everyone enough how happy I am with everything I found on this site.

  18. Running Heavy Chipmunk

    I don’t think I would have had such a great year in 2013 if it weren’t for the dating and hookup sites I used. They all get good reviews because I am a very happy man.

  19. Cool Antelope

    Dating, hookups, whatever it is that I’m looking for (I’m not even sure I know anymore) is probably going to be easier to find if I join an online site, right? I’m thinking about but I havent’ decided yet.

  20. Devin

    To be honest I hadn’t used too many sites like this, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to. I really liked it tho, it seemed like a really good site and the makers of it know what they’re doing.

  21. Rufus

    I wanted to review so everyone will know how happy I am with this site. I think any man looking for hot women to hook up with needs to sign up for this site asap.

  22. Darius Wildman

    In comparison to almost every other site I’ve used, the women on this site are much hotter than others. They respond to messages even quicker than women on other sites do too. I like that.

  23. Meaty Monkey

    If you think this site is a scam you’re clearly just too nervous to actually use it. Not every dating site is a scam, so calm down and stop believing everything you hear from people.

  24. El Lobster

    If you’re looking for a legit site, is a good one. It’s a real dating site and it isn’t fake. As to how good or bad certain aspects of it are, I won’t tell you that.

  25. Patricia

    I can’t get over how good this site is! It was such a nice surprise to use a dating site that actually works and doesn’t just try to scam me out of my hard-earned money.

  26. Johnathan

    Test out for yourself. You can read all these reviews but you need to join to really reap the benefits of meeting all the beautiful women that want to get laid that are on this site.

  27. Preston Isaman

    There’s no rating that seems suitably high enough to convey my opinions for this site. Everything just seems to fall short of how great it is. I don’t think I’ve ever used a site I’m this happy with.

  28. Leopard Solid

    I left so many reviews in 2013 it’s no wonder that I forgot to leave one for this site. I need to now, tho, because this was probably one of my favorite sites I used.

  29. Young Puppy

    If you’re into dating, this probably isn’t the site for you. I wanted casual hookups, myself, so I won’t say is bad or good. It’s just not what I was looking for personally, you know?

  30. Kip

    It had been a long time since I used any sites like this. I left them alone once I had a pretty steady hookup gooing but now that that’s gone I joind back up. This site was great!

  31. Williams

    I don’t normally review dating sites, so this is my first one. I don’t know what in specific to talk about in regards to…sorry I’m not much help to anyone reading this review here.

  32. Jules Porter

    I really had no basis for comparison bc this was the first dating or hookup site that I’ve used in a while but I don’t think tons of experience is required to recognize the effectiveness of this site.

  33. Rondex

    If you don’t think think that most other dating sites are a scam you’re clearly pretty inexperienced. This one is something different, something that’s worth using as opposed to the others I’ve seen in the past.

  34. Strong Brutal Donkey

    I really wonder if legit is the right word for I used it, and legit doesn’t seem like a very good descriptor. I’m of the opinion that you should just use the damn site for yourself.

  35. Beau

    You don’t know how good your sex life can be if you haven’t started using this site. I didn’t believe how good it was until I used it and I was completely blown away tbh.

  36. Clark

    I decided to test out after a rave review from another user and I am so glad I did. I don’t normally follow the herd like that but I think this was a case where it was good!

  37. Eddie Hallauer

    I can’t stress enough how high of a rating this site deserves. Honestly, it sounds over-dramatic but this is the best site that I’ve EVER used. My only wish is that I found out about it sooner!

  38. The Orangutan

    I didn’t leave many reviews in 2013. I don’t know why, I guess I forgot or something, which is a shame because this site definitely deserves a good review. I’ve been using it for a while!

  39. El Skunk

    I prefer casual hookups over dating, and I’m hoping that the name isn’t a misleading myth and that’s what is all about. I’m going to sign up soon so I’ll see how it goes.

  40. Williams

    If it weren’t for sites like this I honestly don’t know where I would be. Probably in the middle of a sexual dry spell, that’s for sure. I’m so glad I signed up for this site.


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