LonelyWifeHookup.com Review: Why LonelyWifeHookup.com Isn’t a Top Pick for Getting Laid



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An absolute ghost town of a site. It claims to be a place where women can search out interested men, but once again, makes no effort in its boob-filled advertising to actually bring in those women.

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LonelyWifeHookup Expert

We really have to wonder how much more we need to scream about sites catering to women before it will happen. In the case of LonelyWifeHookup.com, the only thing you’re going to get is boobs–and wow, are there a lot of them on a site that’s supposed to be all about women finding the kinds of men that they want to be with.

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It’s just a waste.

LonelyWifeHookup.com is deplorable. Not only does it not attract women, it doesn’t do a good job of getting men to join, either. During our LonelyWifeHookup review, we realized very quickly how dead this site was. It’s just sort of sad to imagine this site ever thriving, because wow, there is no one on here at all.

Maybe it’s for the best.

Considering the number of LonelyWifeHookup scams floating around, it’s probably for the best that it’s as empty as it is. We’re going to take that as something we should be relieved about, because at least most of the people out there have enough sense to avoid a site that’s not going to work at all when it comes to dating.

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Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using LonelyWifeHookup.com

We ended up spending a total of three months on our pathetic LonelyWifeHookup review, and during this time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more LonelyWifeHookup scams.

The results weren’t good, that being said.

From those 270 e-mails, a total of 22 women actually messaged us back. If you don’t think that’s pathetic, you’re wrong. We really weren’t impressed with these results at all, considering they came nowhere close to our minimum of 50% return.

It didn’t get better.

From those 22 responses, not a single woman wanted to go out with us. This means no hookups, which means it was all just a waste of time. We weren’t surprised, but seriously, this was just bad.

Complete Analysis: Why LonelyWifeHookup.com Just Doesn’t Cut It

It’s a rare day that you see a site that’s as empty as this one. LonelyWifeHookup does a great job of driving people away, apparently, which is amusing considering all the effort they put into displaying tits.

It’s just pathetic.

We really don’t like sites that do nothing but cater to men, and that’s all this site ultimately has proven that it can do. It’s not impressive, it’s just annoying, and when we say that there are a ton of boobs…we really mean it.

This is said knowing we like boobs, mind.

It looks more like a cheap porn site than a hookup site, and that’s just no good. We weren’t happy with the site at all with that in mind, and seriously, we just wanted a quick hookup.

LonelyWifeHookup.com in the News

There are a lot of health benefits to sex, and this is the kind of thing you need to keep in mind, even though LonelyWifeHookup.com isn’t going to get you laid: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-sex-34536.html?cat=5

Tantric sex can really do a lot for your health, so keep that in mind even though LonelyWifeHookup.com isn’t going to make anything work for you: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-tantric-sex-1028547.html?cat=68

Our Final Call on How LonelyWifeHookup.com Measured Up

We really didn’t like LonelyWifeHookup.com at all, and for good reason–it’s basically a ghost town. If you’re looking for a site that is going to get you laid quickly and easily, it really isn’t going to be a site like this one, so just give it up and try something else.

There are much better options.

We highly recommend that you check out our number one site, EstablishedMen.com. It’s the best of the best, and that’s why it’s our number one. The numbers don’t lie, and the results from our reviews have proven that it’s really the best out there.

20 Responses to “LonelyWifeHookup.com Review: Why LonelyWifeHookup.com Isn’t a Top Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Harold Hills

    I won’t review LonelyWifeHookup.com because there aren’t even any lonely wives to hook up with in the first place on here.

  2. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    There’s no comparison for a quality site, so don’t bother with this one and just go straight for a big one instead.

  3. Lavern

    I’m wondering if LonelyWifeHookup.com might just be a scam, but I’m going to give it a month or two to decide.

  4. Joe Felbrigge

    This is legit the worst dating site I’ve ever seen in my life. There aren’t any real women on here at all, either.

  5. The Frog

    There’s nothing good about this site, and I’ve been on here for half a year. It just sucks balls, honestly.

  6. Jc Bynum

    Don’t test this site out unless you want your computer to get a virus and crash! LonelyWifeHookup.com is a terrible site!

  7. The Pet

    I’ve never done a rating that’s below a five out of ten for a site, but this one is getting a zero if it’s possible.

  8. Barrett

    I’m not sure if I should join LonelyWifeHookup.com because every review from 2013 says that it’s just a scam site.

  9. Arlie Adcock

    Well, I guess that’s that. This was my last chance at trying dating online and it just didn’t work out, so bye.

  10. Gutsy Empire

    I don’t know why sites like this feel like it’s okay to totally lie to their members about how many people are on here.

  11. Hugo Keener

    I would totally review LonelyWifeHookup.com if there were actually any real women on here to make me think it’s a real site.

  12. Brutal Hamster

    This site is so bad in comparison to the others, and it has literally no femaile members, just sad male ones.

  13. Mitchell

    My friends have warned me that LonelyWifeHookup.com is known for being a scam site, but I want to meet those lonely wives!

  14. Phil Glover

    When I joined, I was assured that this site was legit and would get me laid quickly. What a lie that was.

  15. Fisherman Pointless

    Good luck meeting any women on this terrible website, let alone “lonely wives”. All I met were perverted old men!

  16. Elbert Chapman

    Test out LonelyWifeHookup.com at your own risk. This site is known for putting its users’ info all over the internet.

  17. Grub Jacob Silverbeard

    Rating this site is so hard for me because I hate it so much that I don’t even know what to say.

  18. Kirby

    When I was looking up review sites from 2013, most of them said that LonelyWifeHookup.com was a scam. Should I still join?

  19. Florencio Mcloskey

    I’ve never tried dating online, but after how badly hooking up went I’m really in to hurry to find out.

  20. Heavy Boy

    I have no idea why people still join sites like this. I mean, they’re so obviously fake, people, come on!


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