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We didn't get a single hookup from this site, and not only was it full of scammers, but it was full of scammers stealing from other scammers to make more scams. It's a wonderful self-supporting ecosystem that we want no part of.

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xMatch Expert

There are few sites that set our teeth on edge like xMatch.com. One look at this site just screams fakes and scammers to us, and we definitely aren’t wrong. Most of the profile pics are from cam girl profiles, especially the ones that are animated right on the front page.

This means there’s no chance of getting laid.

online hookup scam alert image

xMatch.com is particularly disgusting in the fact that it just steals these pictures without any sort of permission. While we aren’t the biggest fan of cam girls, that doesn’t mean that you can just steal their stuff and repost it. During our xMatch review, we saw this repeatedly. It was just obnoxious, and really made us realize how crappy that this site was.

It just didn’t get better.

The more we dug into this site, the more xMatch scams that we ended up finding. It’s not a safe site to poke around on, that’s for sure, and that means that there’s really no way out from dealing with this site. You’ll end up with spam e-mails and scammers chasing you for awhile, and that’s why we really hated this place the whole time we were there.

XMatch.com screenshot image overlay

Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using xMatch.com

We ended up spending a total of three months on our xMatch review, and during this time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more xMatch scams.

The results said otherwise.

From those 270 e-mails, we only received a pathetic 6 responses. We just had to sort of stare at our inbox regarding these numbers for awhile, because seriously, how does that even happen? We’re pretty sure that everyone on this site must be dead, considering those sad numbers.

There wasn’t any chance of improvement.

Not a single woman wanted to go out with us, obviously, so that means no hookups. It’s not like we expected it at this point, but for real, it was just so shocking that we just had to sort of sit there for a moment…and then consider going out for a drink.

Complete Analysis: Why xMatch.com Just Doesn’t Cut It

There’s really not a single part of xMatch that isn’t just one big scam. On top of this, we couldn’t stand the layout, but hating how a site is designed is really sort of moot when it isn’t going to do a damned thing for you or your online dating goals in general.

This one just needs to be torn down.

We really couldn’t stand this site because of all the lies that it would just blatantly hand out. On top of stealing from other scammers (which was just sort of funny after awhile), it just kept trying to scam us more and more by lying about numbers and member counts.

If it lies about that, what else does it lie about?

It made us pretty wary to give out any sort of real information while creating our profile, that’s for sure. This whole site just sort of ended up making us feel nervous, which we’re pretty sure is what xMatch is all about. It’s an awful site, and it really just makes you feel bad.

xMatch.com in the News

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There are a lot of health benefits to semen that you and your lady might not know about, so check out this article even though it won’t make a difference on xMatch.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-semen-230057.html?cat=5

Our Final Call on How xMatch.com Measured Up

xMatch.com is one site that we couldn’t find a single redeemable trait on, and that means that there’s absolutely no way we’d ever come close to recommending it. Avoid this site like the plague, and never look back if you can help yourself.

There are much better options.

One such option is our number one site, EstablishedMen.com. It’s the kind of site that we wish everyone would try out at least once, and that’s because it goes out of its way to be helpful and easy to use. We’ve never had any issues regarding safety on EstablishedMen.com, and that’s because the administrators really care about you. Check it out, and you’ll really see the difference between it and all its competitors.

20 Responses to “xMatch.com Review: Why xMatch.com Isn’t a Top Pick for Getting Laid”

  1. Jacques Overstreet

    I can’t believe that I agreed to review xMatch.com for my friend. This site is so phony that it physically hurts me.

  2. Nasty Parrot

    Wow, all these comparison sites are so much better than this one! Why does anyone ever join this one, then?

  3. Sanford

    There are way too many scam sites out there, so I’m looking up plenty of reviews of xMatch.com before I join!

  4. Bo Ewing

    There’s no way in hell that this site is legit. I looked at the homepage for five seconds and could tell it was fake.

  5. New Canal

    I can’t think of a single good thing about this website, which is sad because I wasted a whole year on here.

  6. Cesar Greenwood

    My test run of xMatch.com ended with my identity getting stolen, my pictures shared online, and my computer getting a virus.

  7. Cutie Bunny

    Every bad rating that you see this site get is completely deserved and I don’t feel bad for this site at all.

  8. Judson

    Review sites from 2013 that talk about xMatch.com all seem like they’re written by the same person?it seems fishy to me.

  9. Myron Wells

    Dating online is so difficult for me anyway, and falling for all these scam sites just makes it ten times worse.

  10. Stray Massive Bull

    Sites like this are so hard to spot for what they are, so you have to read a ton of reviews and be very careful.

  11. Jermaine Mixey

    Review this site if you want to, but it’s really not worth it. Everyone knows that xMatch.com is just a scam.

  12. Headless Bulldozer

    I wish that this site could stand out in comparison to the other sites, but it’s just as bland and boring as the others.

  13. Chang

    I’m terrified that xMatch.com will end up being a scam, but on the other hand I want to join really badly so I probably will.

  14. Randolph Bailey

    Legit sites are nearly impossible to find these days, and just in case you’re wondering, this is not a legit site.

  15. Evil Brutus Davis

    Good riddance! I’m never coming back to this site after the experience I’ve had on here over the past month!

  16. Elias Fuller

    I can’t believe that my test run of xMatch.com ended so disastrously, but long story short now I need a new computer.

  17. The Salamander

    Does anyone know who would give this site a good rating? Because it has some, and I really hope they’re fake.

  18. Kieth

    My favorite review site from 2013 said that xMatch.com was a great way to get laid fast, so of course I joined right away!

  19. Moises Veith

    I don’t know if dating is possible on this site, but hooking up sure as hell isn’t because I tried.

  20. Hungry Serpent

    It really sucks that sites like this are out there to trick you into wasting your time and money on a scam.


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