Review: Why Was Our #5 Pick for Getting Laid kind of came out of left field for us, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We love finding a site that seems like a diamond in the rough…but it really just turns out to be a diamond that we forgot about. is definitely a case like that, and one we were very happy about. This site is just genuinely fun. It’s a rare day that we really end up enjoying our reviews, because we end up on so many sites that disappoint us. During our GetItOn review, we were constantly surprised at how fun, consistent, and enjoyable this site actually ended up being with very minimal effort. We really think that this is attributed to the fact that this site has an amazing ratio going on. There are a ton of ladies on this site, and they aren’t just all the same age group. There are younger women, older women, and everything in between. There’s also a very low scam ratio, which made us very happy. We didn’t want to see many GetItOn scams, and so our wish was ultimately granted. Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using We ended up spending a total of three months on our GetItOn review, and during that time,… Review: Why Was Our #3 Pick for Getting Laid is a goliath. We don’t say that lightly; we really think that this site is one of the bigger ones that we’ve had a chance to review, and we wouldn’t be wrong. It also has been around for awhile, and that means that has a reputation. Fortunately, it’s a good one. We were excited to really sink our teeth into our SocialSex review, and that’s because this site really seems to be thriving and active. We love an active community, and we really love being able to see the sorts of things that active communities bring out. In the case of this site, it definitely isn’t any particular SocialSex scams. This kind of community is fun, lively, and very enjoyable to get involved with. There are a lot of very eager ladies on this site, and most of them really know what they want. That makes us very happy to use a site, and during our review of this site, we found ourselves fitting right in without any hitches. The results were great. From those 270 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 240 responses. We were amazed by these results, especially considering we usually just want a 50% return of our e-mails. Obviously, this was above…

AffairsClub Review: Why Affairs Club Was Our #4 Pick for Getting Laid

We were surprised that we ended up loving Affairs Club as much as we did, truth be told. The site itself is pretty stylish and easy to use, but that doesn’t always bode well when it comes to hookups. In the case of Affairs Club, however, that’s definitely how it went. This site is well put together. When we say put together, we mean that during our AffairsClub review, we really ended up enjoying our experience here because it’s very planned out. The owners of this site obviously put a lot of thought into it, and for us, that means quite a bit. The thought is definitely present when you look around on the site and take note of the intimate atmosphere. When you have a site that really goes out of its way to appeal to women, that means you’re going to have far less AffairsClub scams, and way more ladies in general. While we were using this site, we saw that there was a great ratio of women to men, and that means a much higher chance of getting the dates you want. Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using Affairs Club We ended up spending a total of three months on our AffairsClub review, and during… Review: Why Was Our #1 Pick for Getting Laid

We were skeptical about at first, we admit it. It’s kind of a rare day that we really find a site that does what this one claims, and that’s why we weren’t entirely sure that was for real or not. Fortunately, it definitely ended up being the real deal. We were very pleased. The thing about this site is that it’s all a game of acting. During our EstablishedMen review, we really ended up being amazing at that…because we do like posing as a rich guy. The girls on this site are really into that, and so it’s up to you to portray that image. If you can really work the wealthy, accomplished image, then you’re not going to struggle when it comes to making this site work for you. Don’t spend your time worrying about any EstablishedMen scams, because they are few and far between; it’s all about working the crowds on here. Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using We ended up spending a total of three months on our EstablishedMen review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we knew weren’t EstablishedMen scams. We were astonished. At the end of our review, we ended up… Review: Why Was Our #2 Pick for Getting Laid is one of those sites that always seems to be incredibly consistent. The more that we ended up using, the more we ended up impressed with it, and that has a lot to do with the amazing formula this site has set up for online dating. It’s just very easy to use. When it comes to actually making a site work, you won’t find one that seems to go more smoothly. During our EroticAds review, we had absolutely no problems being able to master the site itself, because it’s simple, intuitive, and very, very smart. We love sites like this. It also has a great way of dealing with its EroticAds scams, and that’s that there’s a simple report button that immediately flags the person for removal. This is great, especially since there are administrators almost always on the site. This means that you’re going to end up very safe on this site, which really sits well with us. Our Three Month Test: The Results of Using We ended up spending a total of three months on our EroticAds review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we knew weren’t EroticAds scams on this site. It was worth it.…


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#1 Site: EstablishedMen
#2 Site: EroticAds
#3 Site: SocialSex
#4 Site: AffairsClub
#5 Site: GetItOn


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