Get Laid Online Tonight. No More Waiting

There’s really no use wasting your time with sites that aren’t going to help you get laid quick. Our guides are designed with you in mind, because we were in the exact same boat as you not too long ago.

We know that our tips are good. We know that they’re going to help you get laid on online dating sites. You aren’t going to have to be in the dark anymore, because we’ve got you covered.

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Even if you’ve had problems in the past with online dating, we can help you eliminate all of them. We’ve narrowed down what were always problem areas for us, and that means that we can help narrow down problem areas for you, too. It’s really that simple.

A lot of the time, it’s just a matter of getting your game back. You might be amazing at meeting ladies in real life, but the idea of hooking up with girls online might be daunting.

Fortunately, we’ve been there. We know how that is, and we know how to get over those initial humps. Once you figure out what’s got you freaked out, it’s easy to ignore it and move on.

Our guide will set you straight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re worried about how to make the date happen or if it’s all about that initial contact–we’ll have you set up and ready to go before you even realize it.

Combined with the right sites, you’re never going to have any issues, so go for it!

Drive the Relationship: Being in Control

A man who's confident and clear about what he wants will be the man who gets it. Want a one night stand and nothing more? Say so. Women are attracted to confidence and will respect your straightforwardness.

Don’t Be That Guy, Be the Man

When you're out to get laid, you need to be an alpha about it. Being wishy-washy will get you nowhere when it's a man in control of himself that really gets women going.

Walking the Walk: Fake It Till You Make It

A man who is in control of himself also needs to be in control of his finances, even when he's just looking for hookups. Lying outright never ends well, but there are ways to spin what you have.

Communications without Creeper Vibes

You're on these sites to get laid fast, sure, but that doesn't mean a woman wants you to jump on her and start slobbering down her shirt. Let her lead in the conversation's intensity level to keep things cool.

First Contact

The first message to a woman on a hookup site will make or break your chances. Be brief, be direct, and be a gentleman, and you can bet you'll be hearing from her again.

The Adult Version of Passing Notes

So you've gotten her to reply to your first message. Now's the time where you can start being direct. This will get you what you want sooner, and avoid scammers.

The Perfect Set-Up

Keep your date happy and you'll get results. Easy enough, right? Make sure she's comfortable and relaxed, but don't forget about your needs in the process.

The First Date Tips (Flowers Aren’t Lame Yet)

Your aim is to get laid and get gone, but you still want her to be pleased to help you out. A good standby is a simple dinner date and a hotel room. It's low-stress and neutral territory if someone needs to abandon ship.

Baby, Give Me a Little of Your Time

You had a great night with your date and want to see her again for a second round. Just ask her. Don't make a big deal about it, and don't be controlling, or else she'll be off and running for the hills.

Go Getter Tips for Kinks

Even if a woman says she's into something on her profile, it's best to ease into it to decrease the creep factor. Let her lead, and entertain a few of her kinks to get her to entertain yours.

Not Only You and Me: One Two Three

If you're interested in a threesome (and who isn't), it can be tricky to find two women with the same interest. If you have a current sex partner, try enlisting her help to find women to have fun with.


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