Don’t Be That Guy, Be the Man

It’s up to you to really make a profile that catches the eyes of all the ladies on these websites. When you’re on the best sites to get laid, there’s definitely going to be competition, but with the right info, you should be able to make yourself out to be the catch of the century.

You just have to work it.

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A lot of guys get intimidated by making their first online profile. If you’ve spent all that time comparing sites to get laid, then you really need to be able to take that plunge, however.

That being said, we know it isn’t the easiest. You see a lot of guys out there that are way too lewd and sexual, and others that just talk about themselves and their weird hobbies nonstop.

This is why you have to find a balance when it comes to making your profile. This isn’t always easy, but fortunately, we’ve made so many profiles that we really know how to attract the right kinds of women.

Be direct.


There’s a fine line between bluntness and being lewd when it comes to sex. We’ve found that one of the best ways to attract ladies, however, is to be blunt, but not overtly detailed.

For example, if you’re really into BDSM, you can mention that briefly…but not talk about the sexual escapades you’ve had while you’re practicing it. A lot of women would be put off by that, after all.

The more details you put in, the more of a creep you end up sounding like. Save that for when you’re actually communicating with a woman and ready to hookup with her; it’ll go over much better.

Talk about yourself…in moderation.


If you have certain hobbies that you’d like these ladies to know about, then go ahead and tell her. It’s better to have fun and chat about that sort of thing, because you might find a kindred spirit.

Your interests also give the ladies something to talk about when they’re browsing profiles and trying to send out messages. They can also look at your profile when you contact them, and this will give them an idea of who you are.

That being said…don’t go overboard. If you spend paragraphs talking about how you show cats, that’s going to really put some ladies off. You’re here to date, not talk about every hobby you’ve ever had.

Don’t be too intense.


While it’s fun to laugh at the guys on these sites that go off on tangents about their dungeons and fantasies, it’s even better not to turn into one of those guys. You really don’t want to drive women away because you’re rambling intensely about something they don’t care about.

At the end of the day, it’s best to try and seem like a fun, confident guy that knows what he wants. You don’t want to end up being weird about anything, and trust us, we’ve seen some weirdos.

If you think that your profile might be coming off as way too intense, then it probably is. Dial it back, and take a moment to think about how you’d feel reading that same profile.

Just have fun.


Your profile is supposed to be a way that ladies get to know you a little. If you make it fun and optimistic, then they’re going to be excited to talk to you. Don’t whine, and don’t complain. Just have a good time. You’re bound to make mistakes, but as long as you keep a good attitude, you’ll have a good time. To help you not get caught off guard, peruse our blog for snippets on what to do in certain sexual situations.


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