First Contact

We understand that the first e-mail can be pretty scary to send out. A lot of guys just don’t know what to say, but we’re experts at this by now, and we’ve sent out more e-mails than we can count.

You just need to know the right things to say.

There are a few different points that you should always mention in your first e-mail to a woman on sites to get laid. These are the points that will make her flock to you, and will make it that much easier to get with her.

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Whenever we send out e-mails to these women, we always make sure that we compliment something about them or their profile. We also make sure to mention interests on their profile, and then, we always make sure to have a hook as a part of our e-mail.

This ‘hook’ is what a lot of guys forget. You can compliment women all you want, but if you can’t get them to respond, then it’s all moot. The hook will be a question that they can answer, or a comment that prompts them to reply as well. This is how you get ladies to really start chatting with you.

Be direct.


We’re not telling you to send out e-mails talking about all the great sex you want to have. That’s not a good tactic for getting laid, and it’s mostly going to make your messages get deleted.

That being said, you should still be direct about what you’d like to do. If you have plans to go and see an art museum and she’s into art, then tell her, and invite her.

For example:

“Hi, Margaret. I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile courtesy of your gorgeous smile, but from there, I just had to keep reading. I see that you’re really into surfing, which is a hobby of mine as well. I’m hitting the beach this weekend, and I was wondering if you’d like a partner to have some fun with.”

It covers all the bases.


This particular e-mail is the kind we always sent out while doing reviews of hookup sites. We have included all three parts of our tactics within the e-mail, and it’s been proven for us to really work.

It’s a good idea to come up with a similar template, and really stick to it. You can always change things later on, but all in all, these are the kinds of e-mails that are great first e-mails.

Keeping it short is also a good idea. Don’t give her a novel to read right off the bat; just introducing yourself and proving that you actually read her profile is more than enough.

Keep it classy.


You should really always let her lead the way into any sort of sexual conversation, and never bring it up in the first e-mail. If you’re classy, she’s going to really like that. Most guys aren’t!

The more fun-loving and respectful that you sound, the better. These women really want someone that’s going to treat them right and make them enjoy themselves, so you need to come off as that.

No matter what, just keep it simple, direct, and fun. She’ll appreciate someone that sounds sane, because trust us–there are a lot of weirdos out there that she’s not going to want to deal with.


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