The First Date Tips (Flowers Aren’t Lame Yet)

We’ve been there when it comes to first dates–they can be nerve wracking, and if you’re new to online dating, then it can be especially intimidating to try and make them work out to your advantage. Fortunately, we’re the masters of getting laid quickly, so we can make it just as easy on you.

Keep it simple.

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When you’re thinking about how to get laid online for the first time, it’s best to keep your first dates simple. If you’re all about getting laid sooner rather than later, it’s very important that you try to stick to the basics, and don’t go all-out on that first date.

That being said, you should still be all about taking care of your date the first time that you meet up with her. Choose a location that really works for both of you, and make sure that she’s happy with it.

If you start out with a good location, you’ll really be able to please her right from the start. We have a few favorite choices, and they are easy, public, and great meeting places for those first dates.

Try hotel bars.


We think that hotel bars are easy to access for most people, as well as classy and elegant. They usually have pretty good food as well, and there’s always a bar full of drinks for you and your date.

Hotel bars are also incredibly convenient for most people. This mean that your room is right upstairs, and that means that the two of you don’t have to shell out money for cab fare.

We understand that just thinking about how to get laid can be stressful to a lot of guys, so it’s important to iron out these kinds of details so you can focus on the fun of the night rather than the little bitty details.

Keep it neutral, no matter what.


You should never end up meeting at your house or at her house. This isn’t neutral territory at all, and it’s going to make you both feel sort of nervous regarding the evening.

If you two meet at a neutral location like a hotel bar, however, that allows you to bail if your evening takes a turn for the worst. You never know when you might need to cut an evening short because your date is actually a lot loonier than you ever thought she’d be.

You should never feel like you’re trapped in a situation, and you should never make her feel like she’s trapped, either. Exit plans should always be in place, so keep that mind.

Be prepared for changes.


If she changes her mind, don’t panic. There’s always room to try new things and new meeting places, so just keep yourself flexible and open to other options out there.

It’s important to have different contingency plans in place depending on how your date turns out. If she ends up stuck on the other side of town, be prepared to meet her over there if you really want to get laid.

No matter what, it’s important that you just keep an open mind. Being flexible when it comes to dates is a great idea, and it’s going to make you that much more fun to hookup with.

Remember, simplicity is key.


Don’t shower her with diamond rings. Keep it sweet, simple, and fun.


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