Baby, Give Me a Little of Your Time

Here’s the thing: if you want to have more time with your date, then you just need to vocalize it. Having second dates is a great idea when it comes to you finding a good hookup, but you’ve really got to make sure you’re phrasing it right, especially when you’re using legit sites to get laid.

Keep it casual.

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If nothing else, you need to make sure that you’re still keeping your relationship casual. Remember, these are hookups, not long-term relationships. She’s going to expect the same thing if you set that precedent.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using free sites to get laid or cheap sites to get laid–it’s all the same everywhere. If you set rules, then you need to make sure you keep following them. Don’t spring it on her that you want to have a long-term relationship out of the blue.

That being said, if you’re really just looking for a good time more often, that should be just fine. Let her know that you really love sleeping with her, and that you’d love to have more fun with her.

Just tell her you’re having fun with her.


Ladies really want to hear that they’re making you happy, and vice versa. You love it when a woman compliments your prowess, after all, so of course it’s the exact same way.

This is how you really need to phrase this conversation. Tell her that you have a ton of fun out on the town with her, and that you’d love to see her more often. This is the best way to approach the ‘I want to see you more often’ conversation whenever you’re just hooking up.

She’ll take this as a compliment, and hopefully, you’ll be able to set up more than one date with her. This will mean that you’ll be able to call her more often, which is a lot of fun.

Don’t demand anything.


It’s important to realize that you’re not in control of her. Even if you’ve been calling a lot of the shots, you can’t insist on spending time with her. That’s going to make you sound really, really creepy, so back off and just take it slow with these cases.

The moment you act as if you’re controlling, most women are going to turn away and never look back. It’s best to just be laid back and calm about the whole thing, and tell her how much fun you’re having.

You never want to make her feel like you’re desperate or clingy. If you start acting like you’re clingy, you’re going to be the kind of man that most women on these hookup sites never, ever want to be around.

Just take it a day at a time.


So many men find a woman that they love hooking up with, and end up really wanting to spend more time with her. Most women, however, really aren’t out for this kind of commitment.

Make sure you see a bunch of different ladies before you really decide you want to hookup with one woman on a more regular basis. That way, you’ll be sure to know exactly what you want out of a situation.

There’s no need to rush. Remember that there are a ton of fish in the sea, and you’ve just hit the tip of that school. You have to stay flexible, open-minded, and up for a lot more fun at the end of the day. You really don’t want to end up seeing one woman and not getting to see a ton of others. You’ll regret it if it comes to that so just don’t jump into anything too serious.


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