When to Accept Failure and When to Keep Trying

Striking out with a woman in a club or bar is one of the worst things that can happen, and it can be a crushing defeat if you put a lot of effort into talking to the woman you were trying to attract. Sometimes it just happens, and you need to be able to move on from it so that you can meet as many women as possible. You might not realize that sometimes you should keep trying with a woman you think you’ve lost all hope with, however. It might not be easy to tell, but there are some things you can still recover from and keep her interest. Checking to See if She’s Really Bored If a woman seems disinterested in you, this is not the end. You can still recover from her seeming dreadfully bored, though it might be difficult. If you are not super interested in her, you might want to cut your ties at this stage and move on to a different woman. Otherwise, all you need to do is try to get her to talk about herself a bit more and steer the conversation more towards her interests. Lead the conversation instead of letting it falter. Her being bored will not kill your chances,…

How to Get Her out of Bed after Sex

The night went as well as you’d planned. Congratulations, the fun part’s over and now you’ve got a woman in your bed. Sometimes that’s not a problem, but if for one reason or another you really want to sleep alone tonight you’re going to have to get creative. Here are three great ways to get her out of bed and on the road after sex. Make It Unpleasant for Her to Stay The first thing that you have to do is stop her from going to sleep. If she’s sleeping peacefully, you’re stuck with her until morning. As soon after sex as you can, get the TV on. Turn it up. Put it on some boring station that would annoy anyone in their right minds, let the weather channel or someone with a droning voice reading stock prices twenty-four hours a day. If that doesn’t bother her, find a slasher film. Say that you have to have the TV on in order to fall asleep. If there’s a way to make your room warmer or colder without bothering you too much, do that. If she’s baking, she’s not going to want to cuddle up. If she’s freezing, on the other hand, she’s not going to want to stay at all.…

Easy Fixes to Make You Appear More Attractive

When you’re tired of your look or just want to make yourself appear more attractive to women, there are a few different things you can do that you may not have even considered. Most of these things you can do at home on your own time. However, if you want professional help, it isn’t very expensive and you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge about how to make yourself sexier for women. Fix the Facial Hair ) A lot of times, something as simple as trimming your facial hair can make you appear more attractive to women. Some women are not fans of facial hair and if you have a lot of it, you may notice that some women won’t give you the time of day. If you’re not willing to part with your facial hair, you may be able to trim it up to make it appear more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Even if you have a full beard, try to make sure it’s cut in a way where you don’t have too many long and uneven pieces. You will also want to make sure your facial hair is clean. Nothing will turn a woman of quicker then noticing that you have food in your mustache or beard. Keep…


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