You Got Used, Now What?

It’s never awesome to realize that you got used by a woman. It’s damaging to your reputation, self esteem, and especially your feelings. Not to get all mushy here, but we have those too, and they’re just as breakable. Some guys might sit around moping over the woman that had them as long as a knock-off purse, but you don’t have to be that guy. We’re not saying you just have to man up and get over it, but we are saying that there is life after being used. She Used You for Money Some gold diggers out there don’t care what a guy’s about if they have money. He could be old, fat, smelly, perverted, or about a million other things but as long as he shells out some sort of cash she’ll play along and be his. If you’re one of these unlucky guys then you’ve most likely lost more than a few tears. Technically all the money that you’ve spent on her has been a gift, so you can’t really take it back or anything. What to Do Now Well now that she’s out of your life look on the bright side: you don’t have to spend more money. You’ve obviously got some well paying job or…

Why You Might Want to Settle for Her Less Attractive Friend

You have probably been out at the bar or club plenty of times and noticed a woman who seems to be there with her friend. Usually, one of the women is a lot more attractive than the other. You probably always want to go for the hotter woman, but you might be surprised to know that there can be some big advantages to choosing to go after the less attractive woman in the pair. Of course, you should avoid doing this is the friend she’s with is seriously unattractive, but usually there isn’t that big of a difference between the attractiveness of the two women. It Makes You Seem More Appealing to the Other Woman This is one of the biggest draws of choosing to sleep with the less attractive friend, though it might not always work. Chances are that the hotter woman has been trying to get her friend hooked up with a guy for a long time, and if you show interest in her she might be extremely grateful to you. It will also make you more attractive to her since you show an interest in women who may not be the hottest girl in the room. This might seem strange to you, but it generally is how…

Why Having a Threesome with Her and Another Guy Might Actually Be a Good Thing

Threesomes are almost considered the Holy Grail of sexual experiences, and with good reason. It can often be extremely difficult to convince women to have a threesome, so it is often viewed with almost a sense of awe. Convincing a woman to have a threesome is one thing, but it is an entirely different matter if she seems to want a threesome with you and another guy instead of you and another woman. Your first inclination might be to refuse the idea outright, but it could be seriously to your advantage to at least give it a shot. It Might Be Better Than You Think Having a threesome with two women is probably your ideal fantasy, but sometimes you have to settle for letting your girlfriend or hookup have her way and bring another man into the bedroom. You should remember that just because she wants to bring in another guy does not mean you’re inadequate as a lover, just that she wants to try something new. You might not really enjoy the presence of another guy in bed with you, but try not to focus on him. Focus on your woman and not on the other guy there, and he will likely do the same. Most women would die…


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