Why She’s Playing Coy

Women might think that playing coy is the best way to get a guy, but in actuality it’s annoying as hell. She won’t return your calls, but when you see her she flirts up a storm. Or she might be telling you that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, but then she has you over every day and bakes you cookies. It’s playing opposites that’s the most annoying part. While you might want to leave her confusing ways behind you, you can’t. That’s exactly what she wants, too. But why? She Wants You to Want Her Women can be extremely insecure. It’s actually a rarity to find a woman who’s in love with herself and totally fine with how she looks. That leaves most women needing a boost of some sort to feel good. When she’s pulling the strings and telling you all of this confusing bull crap she’s just looking for your reassuring words. She wants to hear how much you want her and wish you could be with her. It gives her a high that momentarily makes her feel pretty. If you could bottle that process you’d make millions, because it’s one of the strongest feelings a woman can get. She Doesn’t Want to Seem Slutty Coming out right…

What to Say When She Says She Wants More

Sooner or later, your fling or casual girlfriend is either going to break up with you or she’s going to ask to take things to the next level. It’s hard to know what to say when you were happy and now she wants more. If you don’t want to level up your relationship, there are three main ways that you can approach telling her that you just want to be casual. You’re Not in a Stable Place in Your Life This is a great line for men who have just gotten out of college and/or are career transitioning. She knows how precarious everything is for you, and she knows that you’re still trying to sort out who you are and how your life is going to be. She’s probably hoping that a relationship will help define you. Just tell her that you want to define yourself apart from a relationship right now. You want to get everything worked out. Once you know how your life is going to be, you’ll be in a better place to commit to someone. Until then… maybe the two of you should just keep things casual. You Want to Wait for That until You’re Done Working so Hard If you’ve just started a new career…

Telling Her What She Wants to Hear

When it comes to hooking up with ladies, sometimes you just need to tell her what she wants to hear. This will make it that much easier for you to get laid, and honestly, these are all one-night stands or maybe just a quickie every few weeks or so. You aren’t going to need to keep every single lie straight with these women, and at the end of the day, who cares? You’ll barely ever see her again, so little white lies will get you a long way…and they’ll definitely get you into her bed. You Don’t Always Have to be Truthful Here’s the thing that a lot of guys just don’t understand: you don’t always have to be truthful. Remember that these women are just hookups and not long-term relationships. When you’re just telling her what she wants to hear in order to get in bed with her, it isn’t like you’re really hurting her. Obviously, you should make sure that you are keeping your lies to things that really don’t matter. If it’s just a matter of what your real kinks are, then whatever–lie for the sake of getting into her pants. If it’s a matter of what STDs you have, then obviously, you shouldn’t be a liar…


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