Quickest Ways to Get Her to Relax Around You

When you want a woman to relax around you, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that she’s always comfortable while she’s in your company. The good thing about getting a woman to relax around you is that it is extremely simple and once she’s comfortable around you, she’ll be willing to get closer to you physically. Meet Her There One of the quickest ways to get a woman to relax around you is by arranging for her to meet you at wherever the two of you are going to have your date. Women feel a lot more comfortable if they have some type of control over where they are going and what they are doing. They also feel more comfortable if they feel like they can flee whenever they need to. If you arrange to meet a woman at the movie theater, do not suggest that you pick her up. Instead, ask her if you would like her to pick you up or if she would prefer to drive. She will more than likely say that she prefers to drive. Do not try to persuade her to ride with you, and especially do not try to convince her to pick you up. If she doesn’t…

How to Nail the Perfect First Impression in Person

Every online relationship makes two first impressions. The first happens online, and involves first messages. If you successfully navigate that one, however, you actually have to put up with making a second first impression. This is when you roll up into the bar or restaurant where the two of you are going to meet in person for the first time. If you want to get things off on the right foot use these tips to keep your first impression totally under your control. Body Language to Project Confidence People like people who are confident. If you act like there are no flaws in you then she’s not going to go looking for them. As a man you can project confidence by squaring your shoulders and keeping your arms at your side. Make sure that you sit up straight, and sit slightly forward in your seat or barstool. This makes you look like a man of action, ever prepared to spring up. Don’t fidget. Tapping your fingers or feet, or tearing napkins into strips, or however you fidget is just asking not to be taken seriously. Be the strong, silent, still type. She’ll love you for it. Smile a lot. Smile an absurd amount. Smile so much that you think that…

Finding the Woman Who Just Wants to Hook Up

) If you spend a lot of time cruising bars and clubs to meet women, chances are that you are not there to find your future long term girlfriend or future wife. You probably want to meet a woman you can have a one night stand or short term relationship with, and you want to find the women who want the same thing. Trying to hook up with women who want something more serious rarely goes well. However, it can be difficult to find women who seem to want the same thing as you do. If you know the signs of a woman who just wants to hook up, you can save a lot of time when cruising bars and clubs and know exactly who to beeline towards. She’s Dressed to Impress While this is not always true, it holds some truth to it and is worth looking out for. Women who are more modestly dressed at bars and clubs are probably there just to drink and dance or to find a man they can date. Women who are dressed more sexily – short skirt or dress, high heels, heavy makeup – are probably there looking for a guy they can spend the night with. This isn’t to say that…


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