How to Tell if She’s Faking Her Interest in You

Meeting and talking to women can be difficult even when you assume that they are being open and honest with you, but sometimes women wind up faking their interest in guys. There are several reasons for this, most of which revolve around wanting to be polite or just wanting the guy to go away without them having to say so. While this is unpleasant, sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Whatever the reason is, if you learn how to recognize when women are not genuinely interested in you, you will have much better success when going out and meeting women to try and hook up with. She Seems to be Fidgeting a Lot Sometimes women fidget with their hair or clothes as a sign of attention, but this can be very misleading because it can also be a sign of nervousness or of her being uncomfortable. If the woman you’re talking to cannot seem to sit or stand still and spends a lot of time looking away from you and fussing with her clothing, hair, or jewelry, she may be trying to nonverbally communicate her lack of interest or comfort. If she holds your gaze while she fidgets, she may just be excited and nervous because of it.…

Getting a Redo: Convincing Her to Go out Again Even If the Date Flopped

First dates go bad with depressing frequency. If you haven’t already prepared for this, you’re going to lose your chance with a great woman you like. If you don’t think that the bad date was her fault (or a result of incompatibility), then you should still try to get a redo. There’s an art to convincing a woman who just went on one bad date to maybe go on another, and here’s the way that you should do it. Set Her up for Feeling Bad for You Pity isn’t the most noble of reasons to get a second date, but when you’re on thin ice you take what you can get. You can wow her with the second date, but first you have to have a second date. You can slip in lines on the wind down from a bad date that will make her feel bad for you and good about herself. “I haven’t been on a date with a woman as pretty as you for awhile,” is a good example of this. Does it make you look like a knight in shining armor? No. But if you can suffer the indignity you can get your image back later. Make a Case for a Bad Date Not Being Your…

Do More Work Than Your Man Parts: Not Relying On Being Well-endowed

Some men are blessed with being well-endowed, it’s just the truth. Obviously we’re talking penis size here, not what their lifestyle is packing. Dicks are sort of a gamble. While there are stereotypes like black men having bigger equipment it’s not even always true. You’re born with what you get and you’ve got to make the most of it. That counts for you power-packing guys, too. Just because you’ve come out with a bigger dick than other guys doesn’t mean that you get to lay down on the job. You’ll have just as much work to do as the rest of us, if not more. Why You Can’t Just Hang Out When it comes to sex some well-endowed men think that they can just shove it in and wiggle around. There’s a stereotype that the woman will just orgasm the minute your mountainous cock comes near her trim. Again, that’s not always true even a little bit. Often times you’ll find that she might not be able to take all that manhood and it will hurt her like hell. Getting too excited and thrusting too hard can actually puncture her on the inside and keep her out of the sex game for a while. How You Can Use It to…


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