Why Buying Her a Drink from across the Bar Might Kill Your Chances

You have probably been tempted on plenty of occasions to be the guy that buys women a drink from across the bar to signal your interest. Maybe you saw it in a movie or maybe you’ve seen other guys do it. It seems like a good idea at first, and it may work for you every now and then, but in general it might be a bad idea to buy her a drink from across the bar. It might not seem like it, but it may actually wind up hurting your chances of getting to talk to her or hooking up with her at the end of the night. Knowing some of the reasons why this type of move might bother some women will help you judge whether or not you should go for it. It Might Come Off As Creepy or Not Forward Enough Sometimes buying a woman a drink from across the bar can have the opposite effect of what you wanted. She might think you are being a little strange or creepy by not coming over to her directly to buy her a drink, and if she gets that feeling it’ll be hard for you to move on from it. She might not also like the indirect…

Quickest Ways to Get Her to Relax Around You

When you want a woman to relax around you, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that she’s always comfortable while she’s in your company. The good thing about getting a woman to relax around you is that it is extremely simple and once she’s comfortable around you, she’ll be willing to get closer to you physically. Meet Her There One of the quickest ways to get a woman to relax around you is by arranging for her to meet you at wherever the two of you are going to have your date. Women feel a lot more comfortable if they have some type of control over where they are going and what they are doing. They also feel more comfortable if they feel like they can flee whenever they need to. If you arrange to meet a woman at the movie theater, do not suggest that you pick her up. Instead, ask her if you would like her to pick you up or if she would prefer to drive. She will more than likely say that she prefers to drive. Do not try to persuade her to ride with you, and especially do not try to convince her to pick you up. If she doesn’t…

How to Recover After Calling Her the Wrong Name

When you call a woman by the wrong name, there are very few things you can do make up for it. However, if you are quick enough, you may be able to convince her to forgive you for your mistake. You will have to be quick and tactful in order to do this, and most importantly, you will have to give off the impression that you’re genuinely sorry. Act Quickly Depending on the situation, calling a woman by a name other than her own could have a disastrous effect. If you happen to call a woman by another name while you’re talking to her on the phone or are out on a first date with her, it is usually easy to recover quickly. The first thing you will need is your cell phone and someone you can call right away. It is best that this person is a woman or a man who knows how to disguise her voice to sound like a woman. When you call her by the wrong name, the first thing you should do is apologize. Afterward, explain to her that she reminds you of a female relative or a coworker. She probably won’t believe you, but that’s where the cell phone comes in. If you…

How to React When She Drastically Changes Her Look

Whether a new look makes her look great or horrible, there’s always a way to react to when a woman changes her look. If you don’t want to end up hurting her feelings or pissing her off, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you know how to react whenever you’re dating a woman who suddenly changes her look. Lie Lying is definitely the best policy, especially if you hate her new look. A woman may tell you that she wants you to be honest, but you can be rest assured that she’s not being honest. If she changes her look and asks you what you think about it, tell her she looks great. You should compliment her on her new look as soon as you see her. Make sure that the compliment sounds believable. Sometimes it can be tricky finding the right tone to express your false excitement over her new look. Do not sound too excited or she will know that you’re lying. However, you also shouldn’t say something like, “It looks good,” or “You like nice.” These are sure to tell her that you hate everything about her new look. Instead, you can joking ask who she is, or you can say…


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