Why You Should Watch Porn Together

Most women think that men want to watch porn with their girlfriends anytime they can, but that’s not always true. Porn is sacred to a man. This is something that speaks to the basest level of a man’s needs. Sometimes those needs are kinky as hell and other times they might be surprisingly tender. Letting your woman in on that is almost like asking her to move in with you, but harder. The thing is that if you can get over that hurdle, you’re going to end up having awesome sex. It’s a magic formula that works every time, and here’s why: It’s Inspiration These people are absolute professionals. Like hookers, they fuck for money so you know that they’ve picked up a trick or two along the way. It doesn’t matter if it’s fetish porn or plain point of view porn. These people know what’s up. So that means that they can teach you things you wouldn’t have thought of. Of course you know this, but your woman probably doesn’t. Watching it will give her more of an idea of what you like since you’ve obviously picked this out. She may have never thought to caress your balls while going down on you if it weren’t for that busty…

What to Say When She Says She Wants More

Sooner or later, your fling or casual girlfriend is either going to break up with you or she’s going to ask to take things to the next level. It’s hard to know what to say when you were happy and now she wants more. If you don’t want to level up your relationship, there are three main ways that you can approach telling her that you just want to be casual. You’re Not in a Stable Place in Your Life This is a great line for men who have just gotten out of college and/or are career transitioning. She knows how precarious everything is for you, and she knows that you’re still trying to sort out who you are and how your life is going to be. She’s probably hoping that a relationship will help define you. Just tell her that you want to define yourself apart from a relationship right now. You want to get everything worked out. Once you know how your life is going to be, you’ll be in a better place to commit to someone. Until then… maybe the two of you should just keep things casual. You Want to Wait for That until You’re Done Working so Hard If you’ve just started a new career…

Three Mistakes in Almost Every Online Profile

There are three common flaws in almost every man’s online profile. If you’ve made them, there’s no shame in it. You just know the things that you need to redo if you want to reach the hot ladies that you see online all the time. Change up these three things, and you’ll be shocked how fast the dates pile up. Boring Profile Pic Is your profile picture a picture of your face, smiling? Or maybe a full body shot against a cluttered background, without a lot to distinguish you? Boring. A woman on an online dating site sees dozens of pictures like that one every time that she logs on. What you need is a dynamic action shot. This can be tricky to arrange if you don’t have access to a real camera or a photographer. Still, if you can have a buddy tag along on your workout and just snap a couple of pictures while you’re doing bench presses or getting your jog on through some mud, that would be best. You want your profile picture to be of you doing something interesting and dynamic. You want to impress her from the very first glance. Too Much Information One line profiles aren’t going to get you many hits, but…

Avoiding Giving Her Mixed Signals

Sending mixed signals is probably something that you think women do exclusively, and not men. However, you may be surprised to know that guys can do this just as often and it could be a reason why a woman ultimately decides not to give you her number or go out with you. Sending mixed signals are usually not something that a man or woman does intentionally, but it can be frustrating to all parties involved nonetheless. Knowing what can qualify as a mixed signal and knowing how to avoid it will help you attract women more often and it will also help you recognize it when women do it to you. Acting Hot and Cold is Never a Good Idea The main behavior that qualifies as sending mixed signals is when you act hot and cold, or when you react positively to a woman at one point but then react negatively to her at another moment. This is usually something that you don’t do consciously or on purpose, but if you do it enough it can become seriously annoying or distressing to the woman you are talking to. You should try to be positive at all times, and if you disagree with something she says then you should try to…


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