You Got Used, Now What?

It’s never awesome to realize that you got used by a woman. It’s damaging to your reputation, self esteem, and especially your feelings. Not to get all mushy here, but we have those too, and they’re just as breakable. Some guys might sit around moping over the woman that had them as long as a knock-off purse, but you don’t have to be that guy. We’re not saying you just have to man up and get over it, but we are saying that there is life after being used. She Used You for Money Some gold diggers out there don’t care what a guy’s about if they have money. He could be old, fat, smelly, perverted, or about a million other things but as long as he shells out some sort of cash she’ll play along and be his. If you’re one of these unlucky guys then you’ve most likely lost more than a few tears. Technically all the money that you’ve spent on her has been a gift, so you can’t really take it back or anything. What to Do Now Well now that she’s out of your life look on the bright side: you don’t have to spend more money. You’ve obviously got some well paying job or…

Take Her on an Adventure Date and Hookup

Tired of “romantic” dates that just end up feeling boring? Have you taken a woman and still not had any indication that hooking up is in your future? If you want to shake up your dating life and jumpstart the physical side of a relationship you should consider taking her on an “adventure date” to speed the process. Get Her Heart Pounding An adventure date always involves physical activity, the type is up to you. Laser tag in the woods is a great, heart pounding sort of adventure. You can also join the geocacheing craze so that you can search the local parks for hidden treasure while competing against other teams. These little competitions are informal and fun, and the quirkiness will get her interested. Also, know that exercise releases endorphins. These are the happy chemicals in your brain, and they also make people feel close to one another. Get her blood pumping and you’ll find that she’s a lot more willing to do something physical when you get her home. Improved circulation on your part from recent exercise means that it’ll be something special for you, too. Show That You Work Great as a Team If you want your relationship to intensify, show her that it’s the two of…

She Looks Nothing Like Her Photos: Easy Excuses to End Your Date

There are few things worse than meeting up with a woman that you’ve met online only to discover that she looks nothing like her photos. When this happens, it can lead to a range of emotions from you. You may be angry that she lied to you, or you may be disappointed because you expected her to be one way and she isn’t. Regardless of how you’re feeling, when you want to get out of the situation without causing a scene, all you really need to do is brush up on your acting skills and get yourself out of a bad situation. Start Acting When you approach your date and realize that she looks nothing like you imagined, you should already begin putting your plan into action. The first thing you should do is start deciding how you should go about bailing on your date. If you want to go with something simple and easy, when you walk up to her, apologize in advance and tell her that you’re not feeling well, but that you didn’t want to cancel your date with her. Once the two of you begin your date, start faking the obvious signs of not feeling well. You can rub your stomach, look distressed, or cough loudly.…

Knowing What You Can Get Away with Lying About

When you start cruising bars or clubs to meet and hook up with women, you want to impress them. When you want to impress women, you might be tempted to try and lie to them about various aspects of your personality, life, or hobbies. This is usually not a good idea, but if you feel tempted to lie then you should know what you can lie about safely without really needing to worry about it coming to light later on. Knowing what you can reasonably get away with lying about will help you attract more women because it will likely make you seem more appealing or exciting. Remember when you lie about something you should keep it simple and consistent so you don’t trip yourself up later on. Your Past Experiences Lying about your past is one of the easiest lies to get away with, especially if you do not plan on spending time with the woman you are lying to. There is little risk that someone will be around to call you out on your lie, as long as you keep it fairly believable. Try not to get too extravagant with your lies. Keep it restricted to anything you can claim without her being able to disprove it. You…

Filming Your Own Porn

Most guys watch porn, it’s just a fact of life. The sexy women getting slammed by a dude is sexy to begin with, but even past that there are all sorts of varieties. From plain old fashioned vanilla man and woman having sex up to the crazy pecan praline that is gang-banging. But the personal favorite of any red-blooded man would be the homemade sex tape. The woman is obviously sexy to you because you picked her to have sex with. You get to call the shots and reap the benefits. The only hard part is convincing her to let you film. Drop Hints The best way to go about making homemade porn is to make her think it’s her idea. Drop hints about what assholes guys can be when they show off the sexy pictures or videos their partners gave them. You, of course, would never think of doing such a thing. Another route would be to tell her that she would be great in porn. Tell her often how sexy she is and that you’ve never seen another woman do the things that she does. If only there was some way to keep a record of her amazing moves…huh. The Subtle Approach ) When you’re having a few…


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