Women You Should Avoid in Bars and Clubs

Knowing what kind of women to approach in bars is often tricky enough, since you have to carefully plan your approach and what you’re going to say that will make you stand out from all the other guys who are probably approaching her all night long. However, there are certain types of women that often frequent bars and clubs that you actually want to avoid. They will either be a complete waste of your time, or they will turn you down instantly, or they want something different than what you want. Being able to recognize the types of women that you should avoid in bars will help you have a more successful and less stressful night. The Woman Who’s Guarded Women often go to bars and clubs in packs, so you’re likely to see a woman hanging out with a group of her friends. These are often the most difficult women to approach and you will be much better off skipping her entirely and trying to find someone else to approach. The reason for this is because her friends are often acting as a sort of bodyguards, so she will be much more difficult to talk to. Sometimes you may even see a woman who looks like she’s on her…

Surprising Places to Pick Up Women

When you’re tired of the club and bar scene, there are still a few other places that you may be able to pickup women. In fact, some of these places may be right around the corner from you without you knowing about it. Instead of trying to think of locations that offer a broad selection of women, try narrowing down the type of women you’re looking for. Comic Book Store If you don’t have an issue with dating a geek girl, the comic book store can be a great place to pickup women. Many times faithful geek girls will come to the comic book store on certain days, so you may have to visit a few times a week to figure out the best possible chances of meeting up with her. You will also need to understand that not every geek girls will look the way you may imagine them. While some geek girls may have perfect figures and may look great in a pair of black-framed glasses, many of them do not fit that stereotype. It is best if you are open-minded when looking for women at a comic book store. Many times, the typical standard of beauty doesn’t apply there. Group Meetings It may seem odd, but group…

Rimming Safety Tips

Rimming is a subject that makes a lot of people cringe and run away, and hey, that’s kind of a thing. Anything involving the anus or butt can kind of make people a little squicky, and that’s okay and normal. There’s a good reason for it, too, and that’s because there’s a lot of bacteria down there that you really don’t want to end up dealing with or ingesting…and this why it’s so important to be safe and careful whenever you’re doing anything that involves rimming. Knowing some basic safety tips can really keep you from getting sick, or otherwise harming yourself when performing this particular sexual act. Consider Dental Dams Seriously, buy a bunch of them, or come up with makeshift ones. Saran wrap works in a pinch, but in general, they sell dental dams in stores that are really going to be the sort of thing that you want to use. It’s rarely a good idea to put your mouth directly against your hookup’s anus, and that’s because of all the bacteria that’s floating around down there. Most people also just don’t want to deal with the taste of that, and we can’t blame you on that fact, either. Any sort of barrier is going to better than…

How to Manage a No Strings Attached Relationship

Relationships with no strings attached can be great if you want to have a short, casual relationship with a woman with limited to no drama. However, this is oftentimes easier said than done because no strings attached relationships can be some of the most difficult to maintain. If you want to be able to keep things casual and free of drama, you need to carefully maintain your boundaries and know what not to do. Keeping some of these simple ideas and guidelines in mind when you try to establish a no strings attached relationship will go a long way towards keeping it as smooth and casual as possible. Establish and Maintain Your Boundaries Carefully The most important aspect of a no strings attached relationship is the boundaries that you establish and maintain. When you find a girl who wants to have a no strings attached relationship, you need to both go over your boundaries firmly. The point of having boundaries is so that things do not cross the line into romantic or serious if you are looking for a casual relationship. You should make sure you both know what you are comfortable with. Don’t exchange phone numbers unless that is how you want to contact each other, and make sure…

How to Keep Up with a High Maintenance Fling

There’s nothing wrong with having a taste for women who have expensive taste. You like something sophisticated, classy, and exclusive. So does she. You may be having the time of your life, but your bank account may be getting leaner by the day. So what do you do to minimize the costs of hanging on to a high maintenance fling? Take Her Somewhere Classy and Cheap If you want to appeal to her classy, cultured side, you can’t go wrong with art gallery openings. These are often free events with drinks you may or may not have to pay for. You can browse art by current artists, taking in style, sophistication, and mixing with an artsy crowd. She gets to dress up if she feels like it, but there’s no need to break out the evening dresses and black ties. This means that she looks great and you can wear ordinary date clothes. It also means that you can take her somewhere fancy and cheap that she can brag about for a few days. Another great boon to the guy with a picky girlfriend? Museums often have free or reduced price days for residents of their local area. This means that you can take her around, show her everything, and…


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