Sexy Clothes You Can Wear During Your Hookup

Guys totally get the shaft when it comes to dressing up for a hookup. Ladies have sexy lingerie for every single body type, skin color, and hair color. What do guys get? Awkward joke outfits like a pair of underwear with an elephant’s trunk where your dick goes. That’s not sexy. That’s just going to make her laugh and make you feel like an idiot. Where are the male versions of teddies and corsets? Nowhere to be found, that’s where. Just because the industry doesn’t want to help us feel hot before we’re about to head in for the hookup doesn’t mean that we can’t do it ourselves. Men’s Thongs, Banana Hammocks, and Pouches There’s a need to list this just because they exist, but whether they’re “sexy” or not is up for debate. A majority of the world is probably going to laugh at your junk swinging low in one of these getups. But if you do happen to land a fling that find’s this sort of thing hot then you’re in luck. When you type in “sexy men’s underwear” in just about any search engine then you’re going to get thousands of hits back for just this sort of thing. If you’ve got the body and/or confidence for…

Getting Your Fling to Do the Weird Stuff

If you’re one of the countless guys who is into the weird stuff then you probably think that you won’t find a real life woman to ever do them with. Sure, she’s down for some light spanking or even hair pulling, but gag her with your dick once and she’s all uppity. Don’t stress it though, you can find a fling who’s going to be down to try the weirder things. Stake Her Out When you’re out looking for women you can’t expect to just pick one and start hitting on her. The whole game of having good accuracy when it comes to picking up a female is to wait. You’re like some underwater sea creature with your jaws open wide. She’ll see you and be just as attracted to you as you are to her. Then when she comes near you, you sink your teeth in. It’s not the perfect metaphor, but you get the idea. Attraction is a key factor in picking up women period. But when you’re trying to find one who’s especially kinky then attraction is your best bet. Without realizing it people who have similar bedroom interests will be drawn to each other simply by the subconscious way we act around them. So put out…


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