How to React When She Drastically Changes Her Look

Whether a new look makes her look great or horrible, there’s always a way to react to when a woman changes her look. If you don’t want to end up hurting her feelings or pissing her off, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you know how to react whenever you’re dating a woman who suddenly changes her look. Lie Lying is definitely the best policy, especially if you hate her new look. A woman may tell you that she wants you to be honest, but you can be rest assured that she’s not being honest. If she changes her look and asks you what you think about it, tell her she looks great. You should compliment her on her new look as soon as you see her. Make sure that the compliment sounds believable. Sometimes it can be tricky finding the right tone to express your false excitement over her new look. Do not sound too excited or she will know that you’re lying. However, you also shouldn’t say something like, “It looks good,” or “You like nice.” These are sure to tell her that you hate everything about her new look. Instead, you can joking ask who she is, or you can say…

How to Nail the Perfect First Impression Online

An online relationship has a chance for two first impressions: online first impression, and in person first impression. If you don’t nail the first, you’re not going to get a chance at the second. Since a lot of online relationships don’t even get past those first few, awkward moments, the key is to focus on keeping her talking to you. The longer you talk, the higher the chance that she’s liking what she’s reading. Open with a Joke Don’t open with a knock-knock joke, or three paragraphs about a drunken Irishman. Open with a joke really means to open with a lighthearted interchange that she might appreciate. For example, if she lists a certain band on her profile whose third album is widely regarded to be terrible, you can open with a line about totally forgiving the band for the third album because the first two are the soundtrack to your life. This is just a bit of banter to show that you read her profile and the two of you totally have something in common. Give Her 3 Things to Respond To Knowing how long to make your opening message can be so tricky. You’re not going to get anywhere with most women with “hey, what’s up?” At the…

Filming Your Own Porn

Most guys watch porn, it’s just a fact of life. The sexy women getting slammed by a dude is sexy to begin with, but even past that there are all sorts of varieties. From plain old fashioned vanilla man and woman having sex up to the crazy pecan praline that is gang-banging. But the personal favorite of any red-blooded man would be the homemade sex tape. The woman is obviously sexy to you because you picked her to have sex with. You get to call the shots and reap the benefits. The only hard part is convincing her to let you film. Drop Hints The best way to go about making homemade porn is to make her think it’s her idea. Drop hints about what assholes guys can be when they show off the sexy pictures or videos their partners gave them. You, of course, would never think of doing such a thing. Another route would be to tell her that she would be great in porn. Tell her often how sexy she is and that you’ve never seen another woman do the things that she does. If only there was some way to keep a record of her amazing moves…huh. The Subtle Approach ) When you’re having a few…


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