Why You Should Watch Porn Together

Most women think that men want to watch porn with their girlfriends anytime they can, but that’s not always true. Porn is sacred to a man. This is something that speaks to the basest level of a man’s needs. Sometimes those needs are kinky as hell and other times they might be surprisingly tender. Letting your woman in on that is almost like asking her to move in with you, but harder. The thing is that if you can get over that hurdle, you’re going to end up having awesome sex. It’s a magic formula that works every time, and here’s why: It’s Inspiration These people are absolute professionals. Like hookers, they fuck for money so you know that they’ve picked up a trick or two along the way. It doesn’t matter if it’s fetish porn or plain point of view porn. These people know what’s up. So that means that they can teach you things you wouldn’t have thought of. Of course you know this, but your woman probably doesn’t. Watching it will give her more of an idea of what you like since you’ve obviously picked this out. She may have never thought to caress your balls while going down on you if it weren’t for that busty…

Why She’s Playing Coy

Women might think that playing coy is the best way to get a guy, but in actuality it’s annoying as hell. She won’t return your calls, but when you see her she flirts up a storm. Or she might be telling you that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, but then she has you over every day and bakes you cookies. It’s playing opposites that’s the most annoying part. While you might want to leave her confusing ways behind you, you can’t. That’s exactly what she wants, too. But why? She Wants You to Want Her Women can be extremely insecure. It’s actually a rarity to find a woman who’s in love with herself and totally fine with how she looks. That leaves most women needing a boost of some sort to feel good. When she’s pulling the strings and telling you all of this confusing bull crap she’s just looking for your reassuring words. She wants to hear how much you want her and wish you could be with her. It gives her a high that momentarily makes her feel pretty. If you could bottle that process you’d make millions, because it’s one of the strongest feelings a woman can get. She Doesn’t Want to Seem Slutty Coming out right…

How to Nail the Perfect First Impression in Person

Every online relationship makes two first impressions. The first happens online, and involves first messages. If you successfully navigate that one, however, you actually have to put up with making a second first impression. This is when you roll up into the bar or restaurant where the two of you are going to meet in person for the first time. If you want to get things off on the right foot use these tips to keep your first impression totally under your control. Body Language to Project Confidence People like people who are confident. If you act like there are no flaws in you then she’s not going to go looking for them. As a man you can project confidence by squaring your shoulders and keeping your arms at your side. Make sure that you sit up straight, and sit slightly forward in your seat or barstool. This makes you look like a man of action, ever prepared to spring up. Don’t fidget. Tapping your fingers or feet, or tearing napkins into strips, or however you fidget is just asking not to be taken seriously. Be the strong, silent, still type. She’ll love you for it. Smile a lot. Smile an absurd amount. Smile so much that you think that…


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